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Matchi Master Discussion

Agile Payments: Transforming financial institution business models in the Cloud

21 February 2018, 6:00PM - 6:45PM, SAST

Agile Payments: Transforming financial institution business models in the Cloud

Are business models and market conditions changing faster than your payment strategy can? Changing business models require innovative agile technology and a recognition that innovation in payments is a necessity to keep existing customers and create new opportunities. 

Financial institutions are ill equipped and encumbered by legacy systems which prevent them from adapting to this new environment. The right cloud based payments systems can help financial institutions compete in this landscape and not be left behind. Successful implementation and integration of these systems are already taking place – and in many cases forward thinking Financial Institutions are already doing this.


Discussion focus areas:

  • The market is moving quickly, how can you innovate your payments strategy to stay ahead?
  • Changing business models and highly engaged consumers are creating new opportunities in agile payment environments
  • Results and critical considerations of successful agile implementations


Join this interactive, online discussion to find out how changing business models affect the payment innovation strategies of financial institutions. 


Date:                21 February 2018

Time:               18:00 - 18:45

Cost:                Free

Pannellists:     Peg Johnson:  EVP, Gobal Client Success @i2c
                         Stephan Koukis:  Senior Vice President, Business Development @i2c
                         Georgina Marimon: Principal Advisor, Senior Solutions Architect, KPMG UK

Host:                Sashreka Pillay: Fintech Lead @Matchi

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