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The Changing Face of Payments

The Changing Face of Payments

28 September 2017, 12:00PM - 5:30PM, SAST Cape Town, South Africa

KPMG invites you to a Payments & fintech event. This half-day event will examine the changing payments landscape in South Africa, and will provide insight into the latest regulatory changes, industry disruptors, cyber security impacts and the latest payments developments.


Topics discussed on the day will include:

  • Block-chain/Distributed Ledger Services
  • Introduction to fintech developments
  • Payment authentication of the future
  • Importance of Cyber Security in payments 
  • Payments fintech Developments




  • Brian Leith
    COO KPMG Global Africa Practice
  • Frank Rizzo
    Partner, KPMG Data & Analytics
  • David Milligan
    CEO, Matchi, Associate Director KPMG
  • Joleen Young
    Associate Director, KPMG Africa Payments
  • Joelene Pierce
    Director, KPMG in South Africa
  • Marcelo Vieira
    Associate Director, Technology Advisory at KPMG
  • Rishi Pillay
    General Manager and Regional Head Africa, FSS
  • Ettienne Myburgh
  • Almero Oosthuizen
    VP Business Development and UX, EasyEquities
  • Craig Carter
    Chief Executive Officer, Luminous Banking
  • Annabel Dallamore
    Chief Executive Officer, Strider


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