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Sashreka Pillay

Fintech Lead, Matchi

KPMG in South Africa

Sashreka Pillay’s experience in financial services spans transactional banking, client analytics, private banking, trading and stock broking. Sash is multi-passionate and uses her broad interests in art, strategy and literature creatively to help drive innovation and collaboration within the financial services industry. A lifelong learner, Sash uses her training in innovation, strategic & business management, investment management and stockbroking to bring business understanding to technology application.

Sash joined Matchi after working across multiple business lines in South Africa’s most innovative bank, FNB. She is now the Fintech Lead at Matchi,biz. She is tasked with building and solidifying the Matchi fintech membership base and also providing sales support to our financial services team. Sash has worked across many projects and engagements at Matchi, all with a focus on understanding the Fintech Landscape. During her time at Matchi, Sash has onboarded more than 130 fintech firms, across all major Fintech themes.


Client experience:

  • Sony Bank (Japan)
  • Standard Bank + Liberty Life (South Africa)
  • Mahindra Finance (India)
  • ATB Financial (Canada)
Sashreka Pillay

Education and qualifications

  • Certificate in Disruptive Strategy, Harvard Online

  • Certificate in Strategic Management, UNISA

  • Certificate in Business Management, UNISA

  • Bcom, Investment Management, University of Pretoria

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