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Customer & Operations

Customer & Operations

KPMG professionals drive growth, reduce costs and achieve higher levels of organisational effectiveness

KPMG Management Consulting Customer & Operations programme

What can I expect from a career in Customer & Operations?

We combine in-depth functional experience, industry expertise and programme management skills to deliver successful transformation programmes to both public and private sector clients.

We work with our clients to cut through their most complex strategic challenges and build tailored, practical solutions to help them develop more efficient and effective operations and develop actionable plans to mitigate the business challenges rooted in their operating environments.

Our broad capabilities  help clients rapidly identify opportunities to improve cash flow and profitability.

What qualifications do I need? 

  • Engineering degrees (Industrial, Mechanical and Electrical and Information) 
  • BCom Mathematics 
  • BSc Mathematical Sciences / Mathematics and Economics 
  • BCom Economics or Honours in Economics / Econometrics 
  • BSc Mathematical Statistics and Economics 

What will I be doing? 

Our experienced professionals drive growth, reduce costs and achieve higher levels of organisational effectiveness in support of the client’s strategic business objectives and financial goals. 

  • Assisting clients in the assessment, development and execution of a strategy. 
  • Employing a fact-based, bottom-up approach driven by data and tools to help maximise value to customers, shareowners, employees and communities. 
  • Striving for balanced excellence in all aspects of cash flow – revenue, operating costs and investment 
  • Developing an ability to ’self-heal”’ by continuously improving structural problems both internal and external to the business. 
  • Putting organisational DNA in place to help clients manage their business and rapidly make decisions, continuously adjusting business strategy and design to meet market conditions. 

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