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Actuarial Science Vac Work

Actuarial Science Vac Work

Gain real work experience and valuable insight and advice from our team members in Actuarial Science

KPMG offers Actuarial Science Vac Work twice a year. Find out more.

Vac work offered twice a year – in June/July and in November/December

KPMG Actuarial has put together a fantastic program that allows you to interact with members of our team who set aside time to provide you with insight and advice.

We also ensure that you get involved in a range of activities to give you a taste of the actuarial consulting world.

We offer vacation work twice a year – in June/July and in November/December.

Our vacation work programme runs over two weeks and includes compensation for your time. 

We encourage all actuarial students to apply for vacation work so that they are able to decide which environment and company they would be best suited to work at once they graduate. It is also seen as positive when you apply for jobs.

Feedback from students

Here is some of the feedback we have received from students who have been through our vacation work programme:

“I thoroughly enjoyed every day of my vacation work at KPMG – a company with a great work environment and an even better team.”

“I really enjoyed the KPMG culture as well as the team I worked with – everyone welcomed me as part of the team and made my vacation work very enjoyable.”

”I significantly enjoyed it, I learned a lot, and I now have a personal confirmation that I want to work in an Actuarial Consulting environment.”

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