Letter from the CEO of KPMG South Africa on the release of the KPMG South Africa Integrated Report for 2019

These are unprecedented times that we are facing as a country and worldwide as the Covid-19 virus continues to have a profound effect on most people and businesses across the world. South Africa’s reaction to the pandemic was decisive and we stand in solidarity with the country’s leadership that we need to have an aggressive approach to protect our people to the fullest extent possible.

From these unfavourable times, it becomes even more vital to ensure that our intent on being a transparent and accountable organisation, focused on creating and sustaining value for all our stakeholders now is demonstrated and practised as a Firm.

At KPMG, we stand firm in expressing our ongoing commitment to transparency and accountability. These are trying times for our society, and we can only get through them by ensuring that we play our part through continued transparent stakeholder and key client engagement.

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, we have implemented innovative measures that ensure that we successfully navigate conducting audits and advisory work in a manner that is conducive of social distancing regulations that have been put in place. As the safety and well-being of our Colleagues and Clients remain to be our key priority, we have partnered with our KPMG member firms to leverage technology that enables us to deliver the quality work that clients expect from us.

In addition to the role we are playing in our society during this outbreak, we have key constituents from KPMG South Africa working with government and Business South Africa, alongside the other firms in the profession. This business-originated initiative aims to ensure business in South Africa contributes not only monetarily but also through capacity and shared experience.

Facing unforeseen circumstances is nothing new to us. In this report, you will find that we continued to make progress in stabilising the firm during the period under review. We believe that in South Africa our humanity will somehow navigate through this pandemic in the solidity and resilience of our exceptional people. The foundations of the renewed KPMG South Africa are stronger, and we hope to contribute to this human endeavour.

We value your feedback on the report.

Ignatius Sehoole
Chief Executive Officer
KPMG South Africa