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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

An overview of KPMG’s Deal Advisory, Mergers & Acquisitions Tax services, publications and the latest news.

An overview of KPMG’s Deal Advisory, M&A Tax, publications and the latest news.

Companies with global ambitions cannot afford to ignore the opportunities for profitable growth offered by mergers, acquisitions and disposals. In a highly professional and competitive deal environment, many transactions are organized as structured auctions. When strategic investors compete with private equity for the few attractive targets offered, understanding how a deal is done becomes crucially significant.

We can also provide tax restructuring services doing any phase of a downturn including downsizing debt negotiations, bankruptcy petitions and liquidation.

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What we do?

KPMG’s CEE Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Tax practice is a part of the network of professionals from CEE member firms which combines global understanding and deal experience with local knowledge of tax jurisdictions. To assess the real value of a transaction you need to understand the historical tax risks associated with an enterprise for sale. This is especially important in cross-border deals, where differing regulations and business cultures need to be reconciled in order to reveal the risks and opportunities of a transaction.

KPMG’s Mergers & Acquisitions Tax practice also includes Tax Restructuring Services (TRS). TRS professionals can provide assistance at any phase of a downturn by helping to identify ways to minimize the cash outlay for taxes at a time when clients can least afford it, preserving favorable tax attributes, such as net operating losses.

How we can help your business?

Professionals from across our CEE and global network keep in regular contact with each other, with our clients and with the tax authorities. We therefore understand the practical impact of tax developments from one country to the next. We can spot opportunities and we know how to act on them to benefit our clients and their stakeholders.

Our CEE professionals can help companies with the M&A processes, avoid pitfalls and seize opportunities. Working closely with our CEE Transaction and Restructuring Services group, M&A Tax provides:

  • National and multi-jurisdictional tax due diligence for acquirers and vendors with clear focus on risk assessment.
  • Assistance in identifying the tax consequences of share and asset purchase agreements.
  • Advice on the tax consequences of individual acquisitions, joint ventures and disposals.
  • Assistance in forecasting post-deal tax liabilities in business models.
  • Post-transaction integration tax advisory, which helps our clients
    reconcile their own tax positions and those of the acquired business.
  • Advice on the tax impact of business restructuring, divestment, shut-down or liquidation.
  • Assistance in identifying the tax consequences of debt re-negotiation
    including modifications, cancellation and negotiated settlements.


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