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Financial Risk Management

Financial Risk Management

KPMG’s professionals advise on risk, financial engineering, actuarial services & the management of assets, capital, treasury & commodity/energy risk.

KPMG’s professionals advise on risk, financial engineering, actuarial services & the man..

How KPMG member firms can help

We help our clients to define a risk management strategy, select and implement methods and processes of monitoring, measuring and reporting risks, and select and use tools to manage those risks. We offer our clients procedures and strategies in the management of credit, foreign exchange, interest rate and commodity risks, and in liquidity management and operational risk management.

We have extensive experience of financial market regulation. We provide guidance in determining the level of regulatory capital requirements under Basel II rules, including the introduction and validation of advanced approaches based on internal models. With our help, you will understand the main factors influencing the level of capital requirements and identify potential capital savings.

We continuously monitor and respond proactively to developments in the accounting of financial instruments. This enables us to offer you a helping hand in analyzing the impact of new rules and the transition to them. Changes to IAS 39 (IFRS 9) which relate to the measurement of financial instruments are particularly in vogue at the moment. We also monitor very carefully and analyze upcoming changes to IAS 39 relating to the impairment of financial assets, the valuation of financial instruments and hedge accounting.

Our financial risk management team has earned itself a sound reputation since its formation. This is borne out by the numerous cross-border contracts in which we have participated.

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