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Accounting Advisory Services

Accounting Advisory Services

Organizations are required to report their results and to provide reliable information. These impose a burden on an enterprise’s accounting system.

Organizations are required to report their results and to provide reliable information.

Achieving compliance and organizing financial reporting processes

How KPMG member firms can help

Existing accounting systems may not be able to meet new standards or fulfill business requirements. The results are inefficient processes which can be prone to error. The organization may also have problems keeping deadlines set by the management, owners or regulatory bodies.

How we can help you

The task of the finance function is not mere transaction processing, but mainly decision support. Our goal is to help finance executives meet the rapidly changing requirements of today’s market environment. We offer assistance in implementing leading practices in the three main roles of finance. We can help the organization optimize its finance operations, to fine tune financial controls and enhance financial performance. 

Consolidation Advisory

We can help to resolve problems arising during consolidation under IFRS, speed up the processes and improve efficiency in preparing financial statements.

Finance Integration

  • We assist CFOs in articulating and assessing the current state of the financial function. We help with the harmonization of financial accounting and management accounting, improve financial planning and budgeting/forecasting process, efficiency and cost reduction of finance function operations/projects.
  • Finance Strategy
    We can help you ascertain the existing position of your finance function, meet the requirements of external users and achieve consistency between the finance vision and strategy and business strategy.

IFRS Conversion

We can help you to make that start and, in so doing, to seize the opportunity provided by IFRS.

IFRS Technical Advisory

We provide advisory services relating to the optimization of accounting systems and processes following IFRS introduction, apply new standards and provide advice on approaches to deal with accounting issues.

Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

We help you identify hidden factors, analyze previous development and the utilization of the company’s financial potential, and plan and build a comprehensive planning system, focusing on speed, quality and the achievement of business objectives.

Quality Close

We help you drive an efficient, repeatable closing process through effective use of resources, streamlined processes, and integrated technology.

XBRL Reporting

We help to implement XBRL, a widely accepted data standard that enables the exchange of uniform financial information between computer systems, software applications and people. 

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