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Women at KPMG

Women at KPMG

We support women in business and in our communities.

We support women in business and in our communities.

At KPMG every individual counts so for us it follows that we believe we can make a difference for women, wherever they are. KPMG is globally committed to Inclusion & Diversity as evidenced in our employee policies and networks.

KPMG in Australia has publicly announced an ambitious gender diversity target of 30 percent women in Partnership by December 2020.

In the US we have developed our own comprehensive leadership training programs which includes a program to provide women leaders of the future with university scholarships, a leadership training retreat, and pairs them with a mentor to support them. Back in 2011, KPMG in the US was inducted into the Working Mother Hall of Fame after 15 years of being ranked among Working Mother’s 100 Best Companies to Work For and in 2014 they more than doubled the parental leave benefits for primary caregivers and working mothers for 100 percent paid time off. 

At an International level we have celebrated International Women’s Day for the past two years by asking our people to publicly pledge their personal commitment for helping women and girls achieve their full potential. In 2016 over 1,200 of our people committed to take action and this year we are building on this collective desire to empower change.

KPMG has been the global lead sponsor of the WomenCorporateDirectors (WCD) network for the past decade. In 2015 KPMG in the US bought the assets of WomenCorporateDirectors and immediately contributed those assets to the WomenCorporateDirectors Education and Development Foundation, Inc. The WCDF's mission is to advance best practices in transforming governance around the world through the largest network of women board members. WCD members serve on more than 6000 boards worldwide. Their collective power and allies in C-suites, on boards, and in the public sector has strengthened the influence of women in boardrooms in every major business region actively working towards placing more women on boards of global, national and family owned corporations, even in regions such Asia and Latin America that have traditionally had low numbers of women on boards. KPMG is very proud of our association with WCDF and we continue to support the expansion of the network.

We are very proud to be part of the Equal Measures 2030 Partnership. KPMG is a founding member of this independent civil society and private sector-led data initiative to track progress for women and girls across the Sustainable Development Goals. KPMG is providing governance support, gender-focused advisory services and data and analytics (D&A) inputs to this multi-stakeholder campaign for improved measurement, investment and action for girls and women. We will also bring to the table local relationships and insights from our member firms to support on-the-ground efforts within the first round of focus countries: namely, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Indonesia – in order to achieve a gender equal world in which every girl and woman counts and is counted.

We are committed to driving our progress on gender equality but recognize we have still have some way to go. See how we’re working towards building a gender diverse workforce:



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