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HR Transformation

HR Transformation

In a rapidly changing marketplace, the HR function is critical in establishing the appropriate structure, capabilities and systems to deliver value.

In a rapidly changing and competitive marketplace, the Human Resources

As the driver of an organization’s people agenda, the HR function is in a key position to deliver sustainable competitive advantage by being equally (if not more) accountable for achieving profitable growth as other mission-critical functions such as Finance and IT.

KPMG’s HR Transformation professionals advise and work with HR and other senior executives to increase the value of HR in a number of mission-critical areas. They help leadership teams to:

  • Identify and manage talent by focusing on the people and roles that deliver differentiated value.
  • Create authentic organization cultures of sustainable cost control, innovation and performance improvement.
  • Provide people-driven outcomes that drive business performance.
  • Optimize HR information systems to enable leaders to make better decisions while providing employees and managers with the benefit of ‘fit for purpose’ processes.
  • Predict where and when talent is needed through strategic workforce planning.
  • Create tailored performance systems that drive market leadership.

“At last we are seeing enabling HR Technology solutions, largely from the SaaS providers, where the promise of transformational ease-of-use and ready access to information is finally being delivered”.

– Robert Bolton

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KPMG’s 2013 report on global talent-related risk

KPMG’s 2013 report on global talent-related risk

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