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Events and media

Events and media

KPMG's IDAS professionals work with a wide range of organizations and media outlets to share their insight and address the issues.

KPMG's IDAS professionals work with a wide range of organizations and media outlets to ...

KPMG International's Development Assistance Services professionals work with a wide range of organizations and media outlets to share their insight and address the issues facing the developing world.

Past events

IDAS Presents at International Consortium on Government Financial Management Annual Conference

On 19th May 2014 KPMG presented at the annual conference of the International Consortium on Government Financial Management in Miami, USA. Trevor Davies, Global Head, IDAS Center of Excellence, led the KPMG delegation and presented a session on KPMG’s Future State 2030 and the implications of the megatrends for public finance. The conference was very well attended with high level delegates from the finance functions of over 30 countries. For more information on Future State 2030 and other thought leadership materials produced by KPMG International Development Assistance Services professionals, please visit Focus on development.

UNDP/KPMG’s 2014 International Development Conference

KPMG and the UNDP Global Centre for Public Service Excellence (GCPSE) co-hosted the 2014 International Development Conference in Singapore on 30 April where they discussed leadership and the challenges of change.

This year’s conference featured the Asian launch of the 2013 Change Readiness Index – a unique tool for measuring the key determinants that impact a country’s ability to react to and manage change – and a presentation on the key findings from the Development Leadership Program – one of the most innovative research programs in international development.

KPMG and the UNDP GCPSE were honored to welcome His Excellency, Sialeʻataongo Tuʻivakanō, Prime Minister of Tonga, as the keynote speaker. The conference, which drew about 120 attendees from the development sector, also included several plenary and breakout sessions that featured industry thought leaders speaking on topics involving leadership, future challenges and opportunities for governments and the public sector, and reform in development.

IDAS Presents at the AIDF Water Security Summit: Asia 2014

Water security is a critical issue for development but requires significant levels of capital investment. On April 23rd, Trevor Davies, Global Head, IDAS Center of Excellence, led a panel discussion on the role of public private partnerships in meeting the global water challenge. The session was very well attended by high level delegations including Government Ministers from countries across Asia.

IDAS Global Center of Excellence Launch Event

KPMG’s IDAS Global practice is hosting the official launch event for the new IDAS Global Center of Excellence (COE) on Wednesday, May 1, 2013 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm in Washington, DC. The new COE brings together subject matter experts and highly experienced professionals from around the world to share best practices, knowledge and experience with local clients and development partners. Lord Michael Hastings of Scarisbrick CBE, KPMG’s Global Head of Citizenship and Diversity will present brief welcoming remarks and guests will enjoy an evening of networking, beverages and light hors d’oeuvres.

Webinar - Financial Oversight: Knight’s GEM Program

The Independent Sector and Knight Foundation hosted a webinar on best practices in financial oversight on April 5, 2013 to share how the Grant Expenditure Monitoring (GEM) tool can help improve fiscal oversight, open the lines of communication and strengthen relationships with grantees. Created by KPMG in partnership with the Knight Foundation, the webinar offered a ‘how-to’ for GEM implementation. Participants learned how a grant monitoring process that includes enhanced financial oversight can help maximize the impact made by a single grant.

International Development Seminar 2012

  • New York event date, Wednesday, October 10th, 2012
  • Washington event date, Wednesday, November 28th, 2012
This seminar marks part one of the formal U.S. launch of the Change Readiness Index, a new measure of how developing countries respond to changes (e.g., development funding in-flows, "shocks" such as earthquakes or famines, and other factors). The index, which draws upon not only financial, social, and similar indicators, but also governance indicators—which are not considered by the existing indices—strives to proactively identify countries that are well positioned to respond positively, rather than retroactively, to changes. This "proactive approach" provides an alternative to the many post-change analyses (e.g., following natural disasters) that currently exist.
Inaugural UN Day of the Girl
To help raise awareness for girls’ issues and inspire people around the world, KPMG IDAS was a primary sponsor (along with PepsiCo and Omnicom) of the global kickoff event for the inaugural UN Day of the Girl held in New York City on October 11, 2012. Hosted by Plan International, the event also launched their Because I am a Girl campaign and featured a number of guest speakers. In addition, landmarks around the world were illuminated in bright pink including the Empire State Building, Egyptian Pyramids, London Eye and Niagara Falls. Raise your hand now to help reach the goal of 1 million hands to show the UN that the world believes educating girls should be a priority.
Humber/IPAC Symposium Shifting Gears
The Humber/IPAC Symposium ran from June 14 – 15, 2012 and included speakers and panelists from Canada and abroad, in-depth coverage of key development topics and participant networking time. The first day focused on a high-level discussion of forces for change, implications for international development organizations and an overview of the transformation processes being employed by International Development organizations in Canada and abroad. The second day focused on more practical matters including changing business models, establishing and managing partnerships and collaboration, adopting modern management techniques, and facilitating organizational culture change.

Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness

KPMG lead an interactive session at the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan, South Korea in December 2011. Tim Stiles, Global Chair, IDAS and Trevor Davies, Global Head, IDAS Center of Excellence joined a panel discussion with non-governmental organizations on the topic of “NGO Accountability and Effectiveness – Making a Difference."

Change readiness index tool tablet

2015 Change Readiness Index

KPMG, in collaboration with Oxford Economics, developed the Change Readiness Index to assess countries' ability to manage change and cultivate opportunity.

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