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KPMG 2016-2017 Annual Customs Update Conference

This conference will be held in: Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Qingdao

11 April 2017 - 26 April 2017, 2:00PM - 5:00PM, CST

2016 was the first year of the “13th Five-Year Plan” and the Chinese government initiated various trade and customs reforms during the year. In particular, Customs Audit Regulation, which encourages voluntary disclosure of enterprises and involvement of third-party professional agents, was amended. New processing trade models such as inward processing and outward processing have been formally rolled out throughout China after pilot programs, bringing new choices to Chinese manufacturing companies. On the other hand, the intensive customs valuation audit on royalty payments and the expanded trade agreement network are both important matters that should be paid close attention to.


2017 will be another year with changes and reforms from a perspective of trade and customs. The 2017 Harmonized System, published by the World Customs Organization, came into force and brought many changes and questions to trade players; Duty exemption policies have been newly released under the “13th Five-Year Plan”; VAT general tax payer status has been granted to companies registered in special customs supervision zones. These changes and reforms have brought many opportunities, but enterprises often find it difficult to stay aware of, and prepared for, such developments. 


The KPMG 2016-2017 Customs Update seminar offers a unique opportunity for KPMG professionals to share insights on the relevant changes for companies to prepare for the evolving environment.


In this seminar, KPMG will share insights on the following topics:

  • 2016 Customs Policy Review
    • Declaration of the three elements for customs valuation purposes
    • Amendments to customs audit regulations
    • New processing trade models
    • Development of trade agreements
  • Customs Risk Areas and Case Sharing
    • Customs audit on royalty payments
    • Managing risks in tariff classification 
    • Processing trade management 
  • Looking Ahead 2017 Customs Policy
    • 2017 Tariff Adjustments 
    • Reform of customs clearance and duty collection 
    • Duty exemption policies under the “13th Five-Year Plan”
    • Pilot programs in special customs supervision zones
    • Utilisation of IT solutions to manage trade and customs operation


Brief introduction of KPMG Trade and Customs Team:

The KPMG Customs Team, including more than 60 professionals, consists of previous customs officials and customs affairs professionals. The team members support clients with advisory services covering different trade and customs areas such as tariff classification, customs valuation, rules of origin, non-tariff barriers, and bonded operation management. The team also provides customs health checks and supports companies during customs audits and investigations.


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Eastern & Western Regions  
Hangzhou 11 April Tuesday
KPMG Meeting Room, 8F West Tower, Julong Building
Suzhou 12 April Wednesday
15th Floor, Integrated Bonded Building, No.66 Xiandai Avenue, Suzhou Industrial Park
Shanghai 18 April Tuesday
KPMG Meeting Room, 9F, Tower One, Plaza 66
Southern Region  
Guangzhou 13 April Thursday 
KPMG Conference Centre, 22F, CTF Finance Centre
Shenzhen 14 March Friday
KPMG Training room, 10F, China Resources Building
Xiamen 18 April Tuesday
KPMG Training room, 12F, International Plaza
Fuzhou 19 April Wednesday
KPMG Meeting room, 12F, Sino Plaza
Northern Region  
Beijing 20 April Thursday
9th Floor, KPMG Tower, Oriental Plaza
Tianjin 21 April Friday
KPMG Meeting Room, 37th Floor, Office Tower Tianjin World Financial Centre
Shenyang 25 April Tuesday
KPMG Meeting Room, 19th Floor, Tower A, Fortune Plaza
Qingdao 26 April Wednesday
Qingdao education and training base of the General Administration of Customs

* The following times listed are the starting times for the seminars. Attendants can enter the venue 30 minutes before the seminars.


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Stella Lin +86 (21) 2212 4577
Oceana Cheng +86 (21) 2212 4574
Guangzhou Grace Tang +86 (20) 3813 8711
Shenzhen Irene Zhou +86 (755) 2547 1262
Xiamen Fan Zhang +86 (592) 215 0912
Fuzhou Summer Jiang +86 (592) 215 0935





Michael Huang +86 (10) 8508 4746
Greta Wu +86 (10) 8508 4487


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