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Business and human rights

Business and human rights

Empowering global communities and leading change in their societies.

Empowering global communities and leading change in their societies.

Working to empower communities around the world.

As we pursue our commitment to the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights, we aim to be a role model in helping to influence and empower communities around the world, as they seek to bring meaningful change to their societies. We seek to work with clients on a broad range of issues related to human rights.

KPMG Australia buys Banarra Human Rights Consultancy

During 2015, KPMG in Australia invested in Banarra Human Rights consultancy. 

Founded by Richard Boele in 2006, Banarra is a full service human rights and social impact advisory business. Servicing clients in 10 countries, Banarra’s capabilities span human rights risk, ethical sourcing and supply chain management, social impact management and measurement, complex stakeholder engagement, and strategy and report development.

KPMG UK launches human trafficking assurance road map on the UK’s Modern Slavery Bill

Modern day human trafficking takes many forms and is often hidden or disguised. 

The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that more than 20 million people are victims of forced labor.

KPMG in the UK is working on behalf of the UK’s Modern Slavery Bill to develop insights and services to address this global problem. Forensic services are being used to identify for clients where potential human trafficking or human rights abuses might exist in their supply chains and how they can intervene and act.

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