Disruptive technologies. Changing customer expectations. Aggressive new competitors. Evolving regulatory requirements. With changes exploding on all fronts, executives at Spain’s electric utility Viesgo were determined to dramatically transform the entire organization. With 1,000 employees and a vast power network spanning 31,000 kilometres to serve 730,000 customers, the immediate mission was clear – advance Viesgo’s entire workplace culture and customer experience into the digital age.

To design and launch a bold new digitization strategy, Viesgo placed its trust in KPMG in Spain and now has a three-year digital transformation roadmap in place. The strategy includes 60 prioritized and aligned digital initiatives that are all being managed by Viesgo’s newly formed Digital Hub team. Robotics are redefining the complex billing system, data and analytics on hourly power consumption are shared with customers, and a ‘Digital Culture’ plan is unfolding for all staff to increase productivity and efficiency. Viesgo is truly plugging into the digital age.

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