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When we worked with Standard Aero to put their people processes into the Cloud, our lead contact described KPMG as ‘ the big firm with the boutique feel.’ It was about agility; our methodology enabled the team to re-visit and challenge their early assumptions as the project unfolded. Rather than being committed to a fixed specification from the beginning, our solution evolved to provide an end-state application that was designed to meet business needs in the real world. At the same time, our Denver Ignition Center set up a pilot environment in which the client team could explore the capabilities of the system and identify gaps in their data.

The result? A successful implementation that increased efficiency, reduced risk and simplified complex processes. The client liked the way we suggested different approaches: ‘We really felt you had our best interests at heart.’

This was not just about good intentions – it’s knowing the best way to get things done.

Mike DiClaudio, KPMG in the US