“We were looking for a partner, but what we got was a colleague.” That’s what Cigna’s Chief Accounting Officer said about our role in the transformation of their financial infrastructure. Itwas a familiar story: outdated systems and heavily manual processes led to multiple inefficiencies, with errors, re-works, and multiple reconciliations getting in the way of smooth financial management and reporting. We had plenty of experience in large-scale back-office implementations, so we were all over the technology. But the key success factor was a business-first approach that blended everything from organizational design to stakeholder engagement in one capability.

Together, we created a platform that supported future evolution and delivered immediate improvements in performance and efficiency. Another client comment underlines our commitment to shoulder-to-shoulder collaboration: “When you see the project team working together, you can’t tell who is Cigna and who is KPMG.”

We are on your side, all the way.