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Europe’s asset managers were experiencing an obvious need for greater speed, efficiency and accessibility from an investment fund transaction system that they widely deemed too cumbersome and costly. Could digital transformation catapult cross-border fund sales into the 21st century? FundsDLT prototype proved it could, earning global headlines with an innovative digital ‘ecosystem’ that has dramatically collapsed typical transaction times from six days to just a few hours. 

Thanks to a collaboration between KPMG in Luxembourg as a leading advisor, industry platform Fundsquare and Luxembourg IT company InTech, fund managers will be able to sell directly to investors using blockchain/distributed ledger technology (DLT) and ‘smart’ digital contracts. The system offers several blockchain-based models, including direct-to-consumer and B2B, providing real-time order status while tracking all of the action among investors, managers, banks, agents and advisors.

Welcome to investing in the digital era.

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