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Facing the challenges

Reporting revenue under IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers is now one of your ordinary activities. So this feels like the right time to take stock – to pull together, in one place, what we have learned about this new world of revenue recognition. 

As we have wrestled with the many challenges of implementing IFRS 15,  we have gained extensive insight and hands-on experience across different industries and geographies. And we are delighted to share our experience with you in our Revenue - IFRS 15 handbook (PDF 2MB). It provides detailed guidance, illustrative examples and extensive discussion of the areas that companies have found most complex.  

Looking forward, as your business grows and evolves – whether by developing new products and services, embedding technological innovations or buying new businesses – we hope this handbook will be your go-to resource as you apply IFRS 15 to new facts and circumstances.

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