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Welcome to IFRS Today, our series on the most topical issues in IFRS Standards and financial reporting. Here we present the views of KPMG global specialists and opinion leaders.

Our videos, blog posts and podcasts are designed to help you embed and explain the many ongoing changes in the financial reporting landscape.

Together, they examine a range of challenges facing both preparers and users of financial statements under IFRS Standards – from applying the major new standards and preparing for IBOR reform to navigating Brexit and accounting for cryptoassets.

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Mary Trussell (KPMG global lead for insurance accounting change),  explains what the new implementation date for IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts means to insurers’ implementation plans

Read the transcript (PDF 355 KB)

Irina Ipatova (KPMG global IFRS income tax topic team) summarises three things to consider about the treatment of income taxes as you prepare your 2019 financial statements

Read the transcript (PDF 353 KB)

Brian O'Donovan Brian O’Donovan (KPMG International Standards Group) looks at some key considerations for those preparing their first financial statements under IFRS 16 Leases

Read the transcript (PDF 341 KB).