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The Time has Come: The KPMG Survey of Sustainability Reporting 2020

On 1 December 2020, KPMG IMPACT hosted a webinar to reveal and discuss the key findings of: ‘The Time has Come: The KPMG Survey of Sustainability Reporting 2020’

This is the 11th edition of the KPMG Survey of Sustainability Reporting. It offers a detailed look at global trends in sustainability reporting, with insights for business leaders, company boards and sustainability professionals.

Please access the recording of the webinar here 

Towards Net Zero report findings

How the world’s largest companies report on climate risk and net zero transition.

KPMG IMPACT hosted a webinar to discuss the report findings on 24 November 2020.

Access the recording here ›

Solar panels

The geopolitics of climate change in the time of COVID-19 with Eurasia Group

Access expert insights and perspectives on topical sustainability issues through the KPMG Global Sustainability Institute.

Access the recording here ›

Prioritizing in a pandemic

How COVID-19 is impacting the corporate ESG agenda.

Access the recording here ›

Our sustainability services

KPMG’s global network of sustainability practices helps you build long-term value in a rapidly changing world.

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