Help predict supply chain risks through data driven insights

Organizations are faced with an increased level of disruption and global risks exposed within their global, regional and even domestic supply chains. Trade flow interruptions caused by pandemics, natural disasters, geopolitical instability, demand and supply variability, geographic and supplier specific challenges are all different kinds of events impacting global supply chains, resulting in potentially severe consequences for businesses. Organizations have realized the importance of using big data to proactively manage supply chain risks and better prepare their network for external disruptions.

KPMG Supply Chain Predictor helps address risk and disruptive challenges facing supply chains by using a real time digital platform that utilizes advanced predictive analytics. The solution provides a digital-twin view of your supply chain and operations, and combines external and internal data to proactively manage events and risks, enhance/remodel network flows, and empower business planning processes.

Managing risk is a key priority for supply chain leaders.

Challenges supply chain leaders face:
Key potential benefits of KPMG Supply Chain Predictor solution:
No holistic view of their risk profile with risk views in silos across the business
Improved decision-making (responsive supply chain planning) and interoperability through holistic and transparent supply chain platform
Vulnerability to unplanned events, with risk profiles not evolving over time Improved performance by moving away from historical data and adoption of predictive supply chain management capabilities
Increasing operational complexity through demand and supply variability Enhance operational and financial performance by applying insights from customers, suppliers, third party providers and other external data points
Reactive risk mitigation processes Proactive management results in fewer incidents impacting operations which will decrease waste consumption and increase revenue
Limited transparency over end to end supply chain risks Increased collaboration with external supply chain partners through increased connectivity and real time connectivity
Manual reporting with no predictive capability Automated reporting with predictive capabilities enabling risk profiles which change over time

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