Fragmented processes, increasingly complex supply chains and a wide variety of products: procurement is faced by a broad range of diverse challenges across all industries. KPMG Collaborative Category Management enables category management to orchestrate the value chain across organisational and regional boundaries, facilitate collaboration among all stakeholders as well as well as mastering any new challenges they encounter along the way.

In a highly globalized and volatile world with increasingly demanding customers, shorter product life cycles, and an overabundance of information, procurement managers are confronted by a growing number of complex questions:

  • How to align changing internal customer needs across the globe?
  • How to stay on top of supply market innovations?
  • How to deal with the increasing data volumes and richness of information?
  • How to ensure that both demand strategy and category strategy are synchronized to create added value?
  • How to prepare best for the future?

KPMG Collaborative Category Management helps you handle modern strategy methods and bring your category management to the next stage of evolution. This enables your procurement department to generate long-term added value using a transparent and structured strategy development process for the entire organization.

Process excellence and consistency

  • Integration of cutting-edge and industryestablished process to create and execute excellent category management strategies.
  • Integrated review and approval workflow for management approvals.
  • Automated PowerPoint export of analyses.

Virtual collaboration

  • Efficient communication and collaboration by task manager features and chat functionality.
  • Creation and assignment of task to foster structured collaboration, cross-functionalboundaries.
  • Integrated online survey tool for the structured collection of quantitative and qualitative data from all stakeholders.

Execution planning & tracking

  • Dashboard feature ensures full transparency on defined action items for all stakeholders involved at any time.
  • Integrated task manager for strategy definition and execution.

Find out how you can lift procurement to the next level of maturity increase efficiency and value contribution by downloading the slipsheet below or contact us directly.

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