How strong are your digital transformation capabilities?

With the KPMG Connected Enterprise Maturity Assessment Diagnostic, you can benchmark the maturity of eight key capabilities that are needed to help deliver better customer experiences, a higher ROI and effective digital transformation across your business. Check out how ready your organization is and where you stand against your competitors. 

How does your organization stack up?

It takes around 15 minutes to complete the assessment and benchmark your company’s digital maturity against research-led leading practices in your industry across the eight key capabilities.

It’s a fast, easy-to-use online self-assessment that is completely confidential.

And as soon as all your responses have been entered, a free real-time report is generated. You can read it online and get an immediate view of how your digital transformation capabilities compare to the leading practice benchmarks in your sector. Or you can download a copy to share and discuss with colleagues. 

Kickstart the next stage of the digital transformation journey

The KPMG Connected Enterprise Maturity Assessment Diagnostic is an important step that can help you discover where you are on your customer-centric digital transformation journey. And with a clear view of leading industry benchmarks, it can help you focus on the route going forward to enhance your operations, deliver strong customer experiences and accelerate your organization’s growth.

Take just 15 minutes today to complete the diagnostic self-assessment and take the next step in your digital transformation journey. Access it here.


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