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KPMG Global Innovation Network

We innovate to get ahead and stay ahead

An outcome-driven approach to ensuring future relevance
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From innovation to deployment and beyond: fully end-to-end

Our mission is to help corporates act and think like technology companies. This means bringing speed and agility to the corporate digital innovation journey. Our human-centered design approach is at the heart of how we co-design solutions that are truly unique and co-innovate for results that let you outpace the competition.The impact? Measurable outcomes that show how we make innovation work.

  • Analyze Scanning for signals
  • Hypothesize Setting the direction
  • Identify Exploring opportunities
  • Create Ideating for impact
  • Validate Iterating to improve
  • Develop Creating scalable solutions
  • Deploy Launching successfully
  • Evolve Optimizing performance
  • Analyze

    Scanning forsignals
  • Hypothesize

    Setting thedirection
  • Identify

  • Create

    Ideating forimpact
  • Validate

    Iterating toimprove
  • Develop

    Creatingscalable solutions
  • Deploy

  • Evolve



Outcome-driven innovation

  • Organization Innovation

  • Business Model Innovation

  • Product / ServiceInnovation

Ignition centers

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  • North America

    • Atlanta
    • Chicago
    • Denver
    • Grand Rapids
    • Lake Nona
    • New York
    • San Francisco
    • Vancouver
  • Asia

  • Europe

    • Amsterdam
    • Barcelona
    • Berlin
    • Dusseldorf
    • Frankfurt
    • Hanover
    • London
    • Madrid
    • Munich
    • Oslo
    • Paris
  • South America

  • Africa

    • Lagos
  • Oceania

From innovation to deployment and beyond

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Throughout this website, “we”, “KPMG”, “KPMG Innovation Network”, “us” and “our” refer to the network of independent member firms operating under the KPMG name and affiliated with KPMG International or to one or more of these firms or to KPMG International.