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Shrimp shell social enterprise by Egypt’s Al-Azhar University wins 2020 Enactus World Cup

Egypt’s Al-Azhar University wins 2020 Enactus World Cup

The shrimp shell enterprise was designed to lift people from poverty and improve the environment.

Jacobina Every

Global News Editor

KPMG International


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The Enactus team from Al-Azhar University in Egypt, has been declared the 2020 Enactus World Cup Champion, with its shrimp shell enterprise designed to lift people from poverty and improve the environment.

Enactus is an international organization that supports future leaders and drives positive change in communities across the globe. This global event connects students with academic and business leaders through entrepreneurial-based projects that empower people to transform opportunities into real, sustainable progress. KPMG is proud to have served as the presenting sponsor of the Enactus World Cup since 2012 and has supported Enactus for more than two decades.

Held September 8-11, the theme of this year's World Cup was LEAD. CHANGE. The winning teams from 32 countries each delivered presentations to showcase how their application of business innovation and entrepreneurial action creates social impact. It is the culmination of more than a year's work, with more than 900 teams competing across 32 Enactus countries in regional and national events all around the world for a place.

The 2020 Enactus World Cup was held online for the first time in the organization’s 45-year history. A global audience from more than 80 countries participated, listened, learnt, collaborated and celebrated the entrepreneurial action and shared innovation that transforms lives and creates a better future.

About the Enactus winner

Team Egypt’s Chito-Shrimp enterprise is to turn shrimp shells into spices, fertilizer and even personal protective equipment. Chito-Shrimp aims to raise people from below the poverty line and improve the environment by using shrimp shells, an abundant natural resource, as its primary ingredient. It has already created 670 jobs, raising the standard of living for people living in poverty while recycling 53 tons of shrimp waste and reclaiming 1,000 acres of land. The team was awarded the Ford Motor Company Fund’s Better World Award of US$50,000.

The three other finalist country teams were Canada, Brazil and India, with each finalist team also earning Ford Better World Award prize monies.

Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada won the 1 Race 4 Oceans challenge for its EarthSuds project. The team will receive funding to support project scaling to continue its effort in protecting ocean habitats.

About the three finalist teams

Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada was named World Cup runner-up (in addition to winning 1 Race 4 Oceans), with EarthSuds, an enterprise producing sulfate-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free and vegan single-use dissolvable tablets of shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Aimed at creating a plastic-free economy where sustainability does not compromise quality, EarthSuds prevents waste from ending up in oceans and employs Canadians with developmental disabilities to manufacture the product.

Federal University of Pará in Brazil created eco-barriers from waste to trap ocean-bound plastic from the Amazon through an enterprise called Anamã.

Hansraj College in India created Project Vriddihi to mitigate the wildly prevalent issue of stubble burning throughout India by converting stubble to handicrafts and washrooms with an aim to reduce indoor and outdoor air pollution.

About KPMG’s role with Enactus

As the Enactus World Cup presenting sponsor since 2012, and offering support for more than two decades, KPMG’s leaders act as judges, mentors, board members, speakers and score keepers. KPMG is also committed to the 17 SDGs, which collectively aim to make our world more prosperous, inclusive, sustainable and resilient.

Bill Thomas, KPMG's Global Chairman and CEO, gave the opening message to kick off the World Cup, and KPMG had three partners as panelists, presenting on education, equality and climate.

“I want to congratulate the Enactus students of Al-Azhar University on winning the Enactus World Cup,” said Arun M. Kumar, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of KPMG India and Enactus Board member. “Even amid the pandemic, Enactus students delivered innovative projects with sustainable solutions that inspired us; they are a force for impact and change. At KPMG, we are proud to have supported Enactus for more than two decades and its work for entrepreneurial action around the world”.

Visit Enactus to learn more about its mission. To learn more about KPMG International's commitment to lifelong learning, please visit KPMG's Citizenship page.

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