07/29/2022: United States – Senators Reach Deal on Reconciliation Package, Tax Provisions Included

07/28/2022: United States – USCIS Extends COVID-19 Flexibility on RFEs, NOIDs, Others

07/27/2022: United States – Update: U.S. Treasury Terminates Tax Treaty with Hungary

07/19/2022: United States – August 2022 Visa Bulletin

07/13/2022: United States – U.S. Treasury to Terminate Tax Treaty with Hungary

06/17/2022: United States – July 2022 Visa Bulletin

06/13/2022: United States – Negative COVID-19 Test Requirement Lifted for Entry by Air

05/18/2022: United States – June 2022 Visa Bulletin

05/05/2022: United States – Automatic Employment Authorization Extensions up to 540 Days

04/27/2022: United States – Uniting for Ukraine: New Program Welcomes Ukrainian Citizens

04/25/2022: United States – Temporary Protected Status for Ukraine, Sudan; Their Students Can Work

04/19/2022: United States – May 2022 Visa Bulletin

04/01/2022: United States – USCIS to Expand Premium Processing Program in Phases

03/31/2022: United States – The Green Book: Treasury’s Budget Proposals for FY23

03/29/2022: United States – Foreign Earned Income Exclusion Requirements Waived for Several Countries

03/18/2022: United States – April 2022 Visa Bulletin

03/11/2022: United States – IRS Announces New Options for Identity Verification

03/08/2022: United States – IRS Releases 2022 Sec. 911 -Related Housing Costs Limitations

02/22/2022: United States – March 2022 Visa Bulletin

02/10/2022: United States – Annotating Form I-94 for L-2, E Spouse Work Authorization Begins

02/01/2022: United States – STEM-Based Non-Immigrant, Immigrant Visa Eligibility Expanded and Updated

02/01/2022: United States – FY 2023 H-1B Cap Lottery Registration Opens March 1

01/24/2022: United States – IRS Guidance on Withholding Taxes Paid by Employer

01/19/2022: United States – February 2022 Visa Bulletin

01/11/2022: United States – IRS Announces Tax Filing Season for Individuals Begins January 24

01/05/2022: United States – Biden Administration Removes Travel Ban on Southern African Nations

01/05/2022: United States –Nonimmigrant Visa Interview Waiver Expanded, Extended Through 2022

12/22/2021: United States/Malta – Competent Authorities in New Arrangement Clarify “Pension Fund”

12/20/2021: United States – January 2022 Visa Bulletin

12/17/2021: United States – Extension of Time to File Year 2021 FBARs

12/15/2021: United States – Delays Occurring for Issuance of ITINs, Certificates of Coverage

12/03/2021: United States – Stricter Testing Requirements for All U.S.-Bound Travelers

12/01/2021: United States – Omicron Variant Spurs Travel Ban on Southern African Nations

11/23/2021: United States – Third H-1B Lottery Conducted for FY2022

11/22/2021: United States – House Passes Build Back Better Act, Needs Senate Action

11/22/2021: United States – December 2021 Visa Bulletin

11/18/2021: United States – USCIS Policy Changes for Spouse Work Authorization

11/18/2021: United States – President Signs Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

11/12/2021: United States - KPMG Publishes Report on Modified Build Back Better Act

11/11/2021: United States – IRS Provides Tax Inflation Adjustments for Tax Year

11/05/2021: United States – Pension Plans, Social Security, 2022 Cost of Living Adjustments

11/05/2021: United States – House Democrats Release Modified Build Back Better Act

10/28/2021: United States – Biden Administration Plan on Resuming Safe Global Travel

10/20/2021: United States – November 2021 Visa Bulletin

10/15/2021: United States –Lifting Travel Restrictions at Land Borders  in November 2021

10/06/2021: United States – FBAR Filing Relief for Victims of Natural Disasters

09/28/2021: United States – Lifting COVID-19 Travel Restrictions by November

09/22/2021: United States – Federal Court Invalidates Wage-Based H-1B Lottery Rule

09/17/2021: United States – KPMG Publishes Report on House Ways and Means Tax Proposals

09/16/2021: United States – October 2021 Visa Bulletin; COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

09/13/2021: United States – House Ways and Means Releases Tax Proposals

08/23/2021: United States – Border Restrictions for Canada, Mexico Extended Till September 21

08/18/2021: United States – September 2021 Visa Bulletin, Medical Report Validity Extension

08/03/2021: United States – Senate Finalizes Bipartisan Legislative Text on Infrastructure Bill

08/02/2021: United States – Second H-1B Lottery Conducted for FY2022

07/27/2021: Canada – Borders Re-open to Fully-Vaccinated Travellers

07/15/2021: United States – DOL’s Wage Rule Vacated; Other H-1B Changes Remain Pending

07/01/2021: United States – Supreme Court Not Hearing Challenge to State’s Remote Worker Tax

06/29/2021: United States – Border Restrictions for Canada, Mexico Extended Till July 21

06/25/2021: United States – July 2021 Visa Bulletin Published

06/23/2021: Germany – Some Easing of Travel Restrictions for U.S., Other Countries’ Travellers

06/11/2021: United States & Switzerland: Competent Authorities Identify Retirement Plans Eligible for Treaty Benefits

06/03/2021: Canada – Federal Court Rules on Cancellation of NEXUS Memberships

06/01/2021: United States – COVID-19: Form I-9 Compliance Flexibility Extended to August 31

06/01/2021: United States – KPMG Publishes Report on Tax Proposals in Biden’s FY 2022 Budget

05/28/2021: United States – President Releases FY 2022 Budget, Measures Affecting Individuals

05/27/2021: United States – TPS Designation for Haiti, Burma; Burmese Students Can Work

05/27/2021: United States – June 2021 Visa Bulletin Published

05/17/2021: United States – DOL’s Minimum Wage Increase Regulation Delayed

05/07/2021: United States – Border Restrictions for Canada, Mexico Extended Until May 21

05/05/2021: United States – USCIS to Suspend Biometrics for Certain I-539 Applicants

05/04/2021: United States – India Added to COVID-19 Travel Ban

04/28/2021: United States – American Families Plan Revealed with Tax Increases on High-Income Individuals

04/28/2021: United States – Section 911 Guidance from IRS for Iraq

04/26/2021: United States – May 2021 Visa Bulletin, “Chats with Charlie”

04/23/2021: United States – New York Implements New Tax Rates for Top Earners

04/01/2021: United States – President Unveils American Jobs Plan, Made in America Tax Plan

04/01/2021: United States – FY2022 H-1B Cap Lottery Developments; Petition Filing from April 1

03/30/2021: United States – Summary of Recent Immigration Developments

03/30/2021: United States – UPDATE: Treasury, IRS Extend Federal Filing and Payment Deadline

03/25/2021: United States – Syria Temporary Protected Status Extended and Redesignated

03/24/2021: United States – April 2021 Visa Bulletin Published

03/17/2021: United States – Treasury, IRS Extend Federal Filing and Payment Deadline

03/17/2021: United States – DHS Public Charge Rule Rescinded

03/11/2021: United States – President Biden Signs American Rescue Plan into Law

03/10/2021: United States – American Rescue Plan Passes, Bill Signing Expected Friday

03/01/2021: United States – IRS Releases 2021 Sec. 911-Related Housing Cost Limitations

03/01/2021: United States – March 2021 Visa Bulletin Published, Immigrant Visa Ban Lifted

02/26/2021: United States – Premium Processing Service Now Available for E-3 Petitions

02/25/2021: United States – Immigration Bill in Congress, Reforms Planned

02/24/2021: United States – Border Restrictions for Canada, Mexico Extended Till March 21

02/08/2021: United States – DHS Delays Effective Date of H-1B Selection Final Rule

01/26/2021: United States – February 2021 Visa Bulletin Published

01/26/2021: United States – COVID-19 Travel Bans Reinstated, South Africa Added

01/22/2021: United States - Summary of President Biden’s Immigration Actions So Far

01/19/2021: United States – Some COVID-19 Travel Bans to Be Lifted, Reversal Likely

01/19/2021: United States – Canada & Mexico Border Restrictions Extended Through February 21 

01/15/2021: United States – New Pre-Departure Requirement for Air Travel to the U.S.

01/15/2021: United States – Revised Rule Raises Prevailing Wages

01/12/2021: United States – DHS Publishes Final Rule Amending H-1B Lottery Selection Process

01/05/2021: United States – Entry Bans Extended through March 31 

01/04/2021: United States – January 2021 Visa Bulletin Published

12/29/2020: United States – President Signs COVID-19 Relief Legislation, Tax Provisions Enacted

12/23/2020: United States – Border Restrictions with Canada & Mexico Extended through January 21

12/23/2020: United States – Congress Passes Stimulus Package

12/15/2020: United States – FBAR Deadline Extended for Certain Individuals with Signature Authority

12/11/2020: United States – Immigration Updates: DACA Reinstatement, TPS Extension  

12/04/2020: United States – Court Invalidates DHS and DOL H-1B Program Rules

11/30/2020: United States – Border Restrictions with Canada & Mexico through December 21 

11/25/2020: United States – December 2020 Visa Bulletin

11/17/2020: United States – Department of State Phased Resumption of Certain Visa Services

11/05/2020: United States – Appeals Court Places DHS’ Public Charge Rule Back into Effect

11/02/2020: United States – DHS Proposes Changes to H-1B Lottery Selection Process

11/02/2020: United States –November 2020 Visa Bulletin 

10/22/2020: United States – Legal Challenge Mounted Against New DOL and DHS Rules

10/19/2020: United States – FinCEN Clarifies FBAR Extensions, Filers Have until October 31

10/19/2020: United States – USCIS Increases Premium Processing Fee

10/07/2020: United States – New Regulations to Increase Wages and H-1B Requirements

10/07/2020: United States – Limited Injunction Issued on Enforcing June 22 Visa Ban

10/05/2020: United States – Expansion of Premium Processing, Extension of Certain Immigration Programs

10/02/2020: United States - DOL Announces Permanent Issuance of Electronic PERM Labor Certifications  

10/02/2020: United States – Injunction Granted to Block USCIS Fee Changes

10/02/2020: United States – State Department Releases October 2020 Visa Bulletin

09/30/2020: United States – DHS Proposes Eliminating ‘Duration of Status’ Designation

09/28/2020: United States – Plans to Raise H-1B, E-3, H-1B1, and PERM Wage Minimums

09/28/2020: United States – USCIS Resumes Implementing Public Charge Rule

09/25/2020: United States – California: New Developments for Mobile Workers and Their Employers

09/23/2020: United States – Restrictions Extended for Land Borders with Canada and Mexico

09/11/2020: United States – Proposed Rule to Expand Biometrics Collection

09/10/2020: United States – Changes to H-1B Visa Program Anticipated

09/01/2020: United States – New IRS Guidance on Deferral of Payroll Taxes

08/28/2020: United States – USCIS Averts Planned Furloughs Scheduled for August 30

08/25/2020: United States – State Department Releases September 2020 Visa Bulletin

08/21/2020: United States – Border Restrictions with Canada, Mexico Extended Through September 21

08/20/2020: United States – State Department Broadens Exemptions to Entry Ban

08/20/2020: United States – Second H-1B Lottery Conducted for FY2021

08/20/2020: United States – IRS Urges ITIN Early Renewals to Prevent Delays

08/14/2020: United States – New Ruling Narrows Injunctions Blocking Public Charge Rule 

08/11/2020: United States – President Trump Signs Memorandum Deferring Payroll Taxes

08/07/2020: United States – DHS Changes Filing Fees and Premium Processing Timeframe

08/07/2020: United States – Move Aimed at Prioritizing U.S. Workers for Federal Contracts

08/06/2020: United States – Injunctions Granted to Block Public Charge Rules

08/06/2020: United States – Proposal Would Limit State Tax and Withholding for Nonresident Employees

07/31/2020: United States – Interim Changes While DHS Considers Future of DACA Program

07/22/2020: United States – COVID-19: State Department Announces Limited Exemptions on Entry Bans

07/21/2020: United States – Executive Order Ends Preferential Treatment for Hong Kong

07/17/2020: United States – Trump Administration Rescinds Latest F-1 & M-1 Student Directive

07/10/2020: United States – Immigration Agencies Publish Spring 2020 Regulatory Agendas

07/10/2020: United States – New Rules Affect Foreign Students in U.S. Schools

07/07/2020: United States – President Narrows Exemption from June 22 Proclamation

06/23/2020: United States – Presidential Proclamation Further Restricts Entry to the Country

06/22/2020: United States – Supreme Court Blocks Attempt to Terminate DACA Program

06/22/2020: United States – July 2020 Visa Bulletin Released

06/22/2020: United States – Flexibility in Physical Inspection Requirements for Form I-9 Extended

06/17/2020: United States Border Restrictions Extended for 30 Days with Canada, Mexico

06/16/2020: United States – IRS Updates FAQs for Nonresidents Affected by COVID-19 Emergency

06/08/2020: United States – DOL Will Not Extend Certain COVID-19 Accommodations

06/01/2020: United States – New Proclamation Limiting Entry of Certain Chinese Students, Researchers

06/01/2020: United States – USCIS Resumes Premium Processing Service in Phases

06/01/2020: United States – IRS FAQs: Claiming Medical Condition Exception for COVID-19

05/29/2020: United States – Settlement Reached between H1-B IT Employers and USCIS

05/28/2020: United States – USCIS to Resume In-Office Operations June 4

05/27/2020: United States – June 2020 Visa Bulletin Released; USCIS Final Action Announcement

05/27/2020: United States – Travel from Brazil Suspended Starting May 26 Due to COVID-19

05/21/2020: United States – Land Border Restrictions with Canada, Mexico Extended Through June 22

05/08/2020: United States – USCIS Publishes Quarterly Data on Key Temporary Worker Visas

05/07/2020: United States – Injunction Upheld to Block Health-Care Requirement for Immigrants

05/05/2020: United States – USCIS Extends COVID-19 Flexibility on RFEs, NOIDs, Other Responses

05/04/2020: United States – USCIS Publishes New Form I-9 Handbook for Employers

04/30/2020: United States – Emergency Motion Filed to Stop Order to Suspend Immigration

04/28/2020: United States – May 2020 Visa Bulletin Released; USCIS Final Action Announcement

04/27/2020: United States – USCIS Extends Office Closures, Suspends Certain Services Through June 3 

04/27/2020: United States – Presidential Proclamation Temporarily Suspends Entry for Certain Immigrants

04/23/2020: United States – Border Restrictions with Canada, Mexico Extended Through May 20

04/22/2020: United States – Executive Order Expected to Impact Applicants for Permanent Residence

04/22/2020: United States – COVID-19: Waiver of Sec. 911 Time Requirements Announced

04/22/2020: United States – COVID-19 Relief for Nonresidents Remaining in United States

04/13/2020: United States – Sec. 911 Guidance from IRS for Congo, Haiti, Iraq, Sudan and Venezuela

04/10/2020: United States – Treasury Grants Expanded Payment and Filing Relief

04/08/2020: United States – Summary of Immigration, Travel Changes in Response to COVID-19

04/03/2020: United States – USCIS Completes FY 2021 H-1B Cap Lottery; Petition Filing from April 1

03/30/2020: United States – Changes in USCIS Procedures Resulting from COVID-19

03/27/2020: United States – President Trump Signs CARES Act into Law

03/26/2020: United States – Senate Passes COVID-19 Fiscal Stimulus Bill

03/25/2020: United States – U.S.-Canada Border Closed to Non-Essential Travel

03/24/2020: United States – New IRS FAQs on Federal Tax Filing and Payment Extension

03/23/2020: United States - DHS Defers Physical Inspection Requirements for Form I-9

03/21/2020: United States – UPDATE: Treasury Announces Filing Extension

03/21/2020: United States – President Signs Paid Leave and Benefits Relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

03/20/2020: United States – All Taxpayer Assistance Centers Closed

03/20/2020: United States – USCIS Office Closures

03/20/2020: United States – Treasury Announces Filing Extension

03/19/2020: United States - Managing Employer I-9 Requirements and COVID-19

03/19/2020: United States – KPMG Report on Telecommuting and Compensation Concerns during Uncertain Times 

03/18/2020: United States – UPDATE: IRS Announces Tax Payment Extension in Response to COVID-19 Emergency

03/18/2020: United States – Social Security Administration Announces Office Closings in Response to COVID-19 Emergency

03/17/2020: United States - U.S. Embassies and Consulates Suspend Services; USCIS Office Closures 

03/17/2020: United States – IRS Announces Tax Payment Extension in Response to COVID-19 Emergency

03/15/2020: United States - Travel Ban from European Countries to Include U.K. and Ireland

03/12/2020: United States – COVID-19 Emergency Has Treasury Considering Tax Return Filing Delay 

03/12/2020: United States - Travel from EU’s Schengen Area Suspended for 30 Days or Longer

03/09/2020: United States – Administration Announces Visa Restrictions on Six Additional Countries

03/06/2020: United States – Immigration Updates: COVID-19 Entry Restrictions, TPS and Yemen

03/03/2020: United States – IRS Announces Relief for Reporting of Certain Foreign Trusts  

02/26/2020: United States – 2020 Sec. 911-Related Housing Cost Limitations Released by IRS

02/24/2020: United States – Wage Withholding: Proposed Regs, Form W-4, Online Tools

02/20/2020: United States – Emergency Review Requested for Public Charge Questionnaire

02/04/2020: United States – Employers May Use New Form I-9 Now; Mandatory from May 1 

01/31/2020: United States - Supreme Court Allows Implementation of New “Public Charge” Rule

01/06/2020: United States - Individual Income Tax Provisions Enacted in Appropriations Legislation

01/06/2020: United States – FinCEN Notice 2019-1 Extends FBAR Filing Date Again for Some


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