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Improving your tax governance; meeting your tax transparency goals

Businesses today are navigating an ever-changing tax transparency landscape – the introduction of new regulations, changes to voluntary disclosure standards and the emergence of new standards, and shifts in quality or disclosures within industries. As trust and transparency are becoming ever more interlinked, it is important that businesses know what is required of them, explored possible voluntary disclosures options and understand the implications of the approach taken and goals set. Working towards achieving these goals can be filled with hidden complexities, as businesses must first ensure it has a tax risk management and governance framework which is underpinned by robust controls and widely implemented policies.

Differing approaches to tax transparency will be adopted and will flex over time. Thus, being transparent about the journey you are on and engaging in dialogue with your stakeholders can build trust in your business.

KPMG Tax Impact Reporting is a service offering that can help you explore and achieve your ESG tax transparency, risk management and governance goals. KPMG professionals around the world can help your tax department deliver on these goals and help drive your other ESG tax initiatives, with the support of progressive technologies and solutions where desired.

Contact any of the team members below to learn more on how KPMG firms can help you achieve your ESG regulatory reporting, tax transparency reporting, and tax risk management and governance goals.


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