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What’s keeping CEOs and world leaders awake at night? What are the secrets behind the success of some of the world’s most successful businesses? From international supply chain challenges to the pandemic and climate crisis, the world’s leading industry figures share their stories and views on KPMG’s podcast series – Global Perspectives. 

Latest episodes

Are the world's CEOs suffering from corporate burnout? Arianna Huffington is on a mission to redefine success. In conversation with Halla Mohieddeen, the CEO of Thrive Global and co-founder of Huffington Post, explains why prioritizing well-being needs to start in the board room. In episode 1, Halla also chats to KPMG International's Global Chairman and CEO, Bill Thomas, about his ambition to deal with global issues head-on. 

From the trading floor to the coffee shop, how do CEOs successfully adapt to a new hybrid way of working? In conversation with Gillian Tett, business anthropologist Daniel Beunza believes the key to making it work is integrating technology with vital social relationships. Episode 2 of Global Perspectives also features KPMG International's Global Head of Corporate Affairs, Jane Lawrie, who chats to Halla Mohieddeen about why culture and purpose matter in the workplace.

CEOs recognize that ESG matters, but driving the change can be the biggest challenge. Denise Hamilton is a maverick in the field of allyship, diversity and inclusion. In episode 3 of Global Perspectives, she shares her thoughts with Halla Mohieddeen on how board rooms can deliver on their promises. Also on the program, KPMG International's Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Kristine Remedios, who files her report card on business success in ESG. 

In a rapidly changing, uncertain world, does GDP remain a relevant metric of success? Business author Mandeep Rai speaks to Halla Mohieddeen about her mission to drive CEOs towards a new “values compass”. Episode 4 of Global Perspectives also features KPMG International's Global Head of People, Nhlamu Dlomu, who gives her view on the progress so far on leadership commitments to ESG.

For CEOs, the “new norm” has created opportunities and tensions. In conversation with Gillian Tett, business anthropologist Patricia Ensworth shares her thoughts on the risks and rewards facing businesses as they tackle innovation, social and cultural change. For episode 5 of Global Perspectives, Gillian also speaks to KPMG International's Global Head of Advisory, Carl Carande, about how leaders are adapting in an era of innovation and disruption. 

David Ko and Richard Busellato ditched their successful “desk jobs” to become advocates for greater sustainability in the finance world. In episode 6 of Global Perspectives, they chat to Halla Mohieddeen about the need for CEOs to deal with the immediate financial crisis that climate uncertainty is creating. Halla also speaks to KPMG International's Global Head of Financial Services, Judd Caplain, about unease in the markets and what may lie ahead.

The climate crisis is forcing CEOs to completely re-think their busines strategies. Douglas Holmes has spent his career studying business behavior and culture. In episode 7 of Global Perspectives, he speaks to Gillian Tett about his views on proactively leaders are tackling the issues. Gillian is also joined by KPMG International's Global Head of KPMG IMPACT, Richard Threlfall, who discusses what progress has been made on ESG and why further action is essential. 

A chance meeting with a homeless veteran transformed Komal Ahmad's life. The CEO is now on a mission to tackle hunger and food waste. In episode 8 of Global Perspectives, she chats to Halla Mohieddeen about her achievements and vision. Halla is also joined by KPMG International's Global Head of Healthcare, Dr. Anna van Poucke, who gives her views on the unfolding international health and food crisis, and the future for the sector.

The latest KPMG Cyber Trust Insights report reveals 80% of leaders understand the importance of cyber security, but is an acknowledgement of the issue really translating into proactive CEO action? In the latest Global Perspectives, Halla Mohieddeen goes beyond the data with international cyber security expert Menny Barzilay and KPMG's Global Cyber Security Practice Leader, Akhilesh Tuteja.


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