KPMG has been ranked as the top ‘current brand score’ among global risk advisory firms in the Source Global Research’s latest report, Perception of Risk Firms in 2021 including governance and compliance, responding to regulation, and security services.   This ranking is based on mindshare, level of credibility, authority, and competitive resilience — and topping this ranking recognizes KPMG’s brand as one of the strongest in clients’ minds today.

In this client perceptions study, Source Global Research provided a current snapshot of risk advisory firms by surveying 300 clients and prospects. Survey participants represented a wide range of sectors, with 91% working in companies with over US$0.5bn in revenue.

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This recognition is an impressive accomplishment for our team and the work they have been doing with clients to help them transform their risk and regulatory functions, in order to drive growth, improve resilience and, ultimately, earn the trust of their stakeholders.

Rob Fisher
Global Leader
The Trusted Imperative

KPMG also ranked first for the following:

  • Future readiness – Assesses the extent to which KPMG firms are best positioned for the services clients will increasingly demand in the future.
  • Mindshare of risk firms – Measures how aware clients are of the brand and how relevant KPMG firms are to clients.
  • Quality of governance and compliance services – Calculates clients’ ratings of governance and compliance services based on quality.

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