Customer Experience Excellence report 2021

Customer Experience Excellence report 2021

After 2020, when the Indonesian economy shrunk for the first time in 20 years1, the economy is projected to rebound by 4.4% in 2021, with growth projected to increase to 5.0% in 20222. During this rebound it is going to be critically important for businesses to focus on Personalization and Integrity, two of the major factors influencing customers in Indonesia, to drive brand loyalty against the competition. Providing a tailored e-commerce experience, consistently engaging customers with personalised experiences while focusing on Integrity in the promotion of products are all key factors in driving brand loyalty as the economy recovers.

Integrity and Personalization are two of the most important factors driving customer spending in Indonesia. Engaging with products and services tailored towards customers’ needs, interests and preferences can help to grab and keep a user’s attention, boosting engagement with their customers.

Topping the rankings this year is airline company Garuda Indonesia. With a stark focus on providing the very best customer experience, Garuda is the only company in the world to retain the title of “World’s Best Cabin Crew” for five consecutive years3.

With a five-star rating for COVID-19 airline safety from Skytrax4, the airline continued operating throughout restriction protocols. Their “Let’s Wear Mask”5 campaign saw their aircrafts adorned with mask livery, symbolizing their prioritization of passenger safety, and increasing public awareness of health protocols to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

"Garuda Indonesia is always committed to supporting the government in preventing the spread of COVID-19, one of which is through the “Let’s Wear Mask” campaign. We realize that efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 requires full support from various parties or stakeholders. Hopefully, our efforts can increase public awareness of implementing health protocols, especially through the [wearing of masks] in daily activities."
Irfan Setiaputra
President & CEO of Garuda

Ranking third in the Indonesian market was another travel company, Traveloka. Beginning life as an online flight ticket seller, Traveloka now position themselves as a lifestyle solution provider with a range of domestic and international partners7. While COVID-19 hampered people’s ability to travel, the industry remains strong in Indonesia, driven by customers’ desire for a getaway or staycation through companies such as Traveloka.

The company has heavily emphasised Personalisation, developing the Traveloka Xperience8, a personalised experience providing a range of locations and activities for users to explore. With a cross of customer segments and a focus on younger customers, Personalization is especially important, as is their business model, which is built around customer service.

“I have a nice experience anytime I buy plane tickets, train tickets, and hotels,” one customer said. “The app is easy to use, and their customer service is also nice and helpful.”

Financial services also performed favourably in the rankings in Indonesia, with Manulife appearing eighth in the top 10 brands in the Indonesian market. Taking the number two spot was Allianz, an insurance services and asset management firm. In 2020, Allianz strengthened their digital footprint, transitioning to a fully digital customer journey. The firm focuses on customer care and experience, maintaining seamless transactions without any physical or face-to-face meetings.

Through this transition, the firm earned customers’ trust with their digital claims process, which allows customers to make a claim remotely without any hassle. Allianz also leveraged digital marketing, driving Empathy and Integrity by spreading knowledge and brand awareness via social media engagement.

Although only recently made possible through modern technology, Personalization has become a top desire in customers in Indonesia. This has become vital for many businesses, as COVID-19 restrictions make digitalization a top priority for brands, accelerating the importance of staying adaptive and agile. Many businesses have struggled, but those who succeeded have been quick to find new ways to engage with their customers.

Consumers today are not the same as before, they are expecting to be engaged hyper-personally. Hence companies by default have to leverage technology, data analytics and market insights to create experiences that tailored for their customers - this is the only way they are likely to stand out amongst their competitors and ultimately earn their customers trust and loyalty.

Vasu Pazhoor
Partner, Advisory
KPMG in Indonesia


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