Customer Experience Excellence report 2021

Customer Experience Excellence report 2021

A shift in the consumer base towards Millennials and Generation Z has generated rapid growth in digital platforms in Vietnam. But while customers expect a high level of personalization, the demand for genuine and trustworthy products and services is also greater than ever.

This means Personalization and Integrity are the top drivers for brand loyalty and advocacy for Vietnamese consumers. Trust is extremely important in Vietnamese culture, so companies which score highly on Integrity can find it easier to retain customers.

To create an exceptional customer experience, companies have invested in digital transformation projects. This effort has led the financial services industry players including FWD, Manulife, Bao Viet and AIA to dominate the top 10 rankings in this year’s survey.

FWD – the survey’s number one-ranking organization – is building and continuously improving a virtual assistant called Kooki, a prime example of this. This AI technology enables automatic calls to customers and provides simple instructions and explanations, allowing the firm’s customer support teams to focus on more complex tasks. The firm has also optimized its operations with new technology that conducts system trials on product illustrations, information and subscriptions before they are launched into the market.1.

The company has committed to make insurance easy to understand, buy and manage by setting up a series of ‘CX tribes’ made up of employees in each of its markets, to give honest feedback and represent the voice of the customer2. One customer said: “Compared with other insurance companies in the market, FWD does not only focus on products’ quality, but also on creating a quick and simple customer experience.”

Similarly, Manulife insurance, which landed at the number two spot, launched an all-in-one digital solution, Maxx D, which allows its agents to set targets, plan and track their daily activities, sales and recruitment3. Manulife has focused on building an internal culture that embraces seamless customer experience and digital innovation.

Hotel and tourism company Vinpearl is focusing on providing personalized experiences to customers. The organization ranked number three thanks to its drive to offer specialized experiences to customers according to their age, culture, budget and needs, such as a VIP subscription package for those who travel often throughout the year but don’t have the time to look for promotional packages4.

Vinpearl members enjoy access to a host of services, free meals and discounts for an annual fee5. The company also became the first resort chain in Vietnam to launch facial recognition technology that allows guest to check-in and out quickly and easily and without the need for hotel keys and physical interactions with front desk staffs6.

The marketplace in Vietnam is becoming increasingly competitive, with customers spending more for comfortable lifestyle and experiences than for goods possession. Therefore, instead of competing on price, companies are differentiating themselves by providing superior and personalized customer experiences.

To create a truly seamless customer experience, businesses should to assess their current customer journeys to understand their pain points. Sometimes companies can fall into the trap of focusing too heavily on solving front-end problems without connecting to the middle and back offices. This will be vital going forward as companies strive to meet customers’ needs and expectations.

The pandemic has changed the landscape quite a bit in just one year. Many companies have accelerated their digital transformation programs, with the objective to serve their customers better in COVID times. Hence, we’ve seen many newcomers in the rankings this year. In these difficult times, pillars like Integrity, Personalization and Empathy are key to attract and create loyalty towards brands.

Nguyen Tuan Hong Phuc
Partner, Head of Customer & Operations Consulting
KPMG in the Vietnam


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