Customer Experience Excellence report 2021

Customer Experience Excellence report 2021

Today’s time-poor customers demand real-time commerce from their favorite brands. In Poland, this focus on seamless experiences is a customer essential. Naturally, over the past year this has meant increased demand on a company’s ability to embrace digital and pivot swiftly to keep meeting customer needs – and provide experiences that keep them coming back.

This year, Personalization and Integrity have been core drivers of loyalty and advocacy in the Polish market. Forging emotional connections built on trust, between brand and customer, has helped keep customers buying from their preferred businesses. As with many markets, a shift to virtual has allowed for highly personalized online buying experiences, which has been well received. This personalization is likely to be essential when emerging from COVID-19 and balancing physical and online channels – the brands that get this right should continue to rank highly.

We’ve not had a lot to do over the past year but eat, drink, and shop at home. And that’s apparent in the report, as restaurant, fast food and non-grocery retail are the top ranking sectors in the market. Within these sectors, many businesses have responded well to the challenges posed by COVID-19, pivoting to purely digital offerings and optimizing digital technologies to provide quick and efficient service. Of the businesses within this sector that ranked the highest, many excelled by putting customer health and safety at the heart of their offering, showing integrity during uncertainty.

For Allegro, the top-ranking brand in this year’s report, the main performance pillar has been Time and Effort. Allegro is the preferred online marketplace in Poland1 and has ranked high over the past year thanks to its ability to facilitate safe shopping for customers, and by introducing free shipping over such a challenging period.

Going above and beyond for your customers seems a sure-fire way to score high in the customer experience rankings, and Allegro provided educational activities across the pandemic, as well as a hotline for seniors dedicated to supporting them in getting the best use out of the Allegro technology2. This dedication to making the purchase process quick and easy even for those who are digitally challenged has cemented Allegro as a customer experience success.

Second highest in the 2021 rankings for Poland is Ziaja, one of the leading cosmetics manufacturers in the region. Self-care has been a lifeline for many throughout lockdown, and Ziaja has been celebrated for uninterrupted service throughout COVID-19. The brand also launched its own website as a new sales channel – customers and businesses can buy direct or wholesale online. Ziaja has jumped seven places to rank second in this year’s rankings, scoring highly for Integrity during a period where customers demand social responsibility from their brands.

Retail has landed the top three places in the customer experience rankings for 2021. Avon, coming in third place, has scored high for Time and Effort. The site’s simple navigation means customers can shop seamlessly directly from Avon. One customer said “I shop online from Avon quite often. I order mainly for myself and my family. Handling the site and placing orders is simple, I've never needed any help.”

As customer demands begin to shift as restrictions ease, the challenge for the Polish market will likely be to keep pace with demands, offering omnichannel experiences that meet the audience’s personalization needs, while remaining strong in the online market.

The one constant thing in life is change. In every area of our activity, we are faced with the need to adapt to new circumstances and entire sectors of the economy are transforming before our very eyes. So how is the customer experience shaping up in these conditions? Caring for customers remained a top priority in the Polish market. The focus on maintaining business continuity was also reflected in the concern for the safety of clients and providing them with the best possible comfort at a given time.

Jan Karasek
KPMG in Poland


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