Customer Experience Excellence report 2021

Customer Experience Excellence report 2021

COVID-19 has brought the travel industry to its knees in most locations, but Mexico continues to challenge the norm well into 2021, with the travel and hotels industry performing highest in the rankings for a second year in a row. The ability of the sector to adapt to change on the fly and meet the needs of the COVID-19-era traveler has facilitated the creation of winning experiences in a safe, secure way.

Many companies now face the logistical challenge of fulfilling customer expectations in the virtual world, while building omnichannel capabilities without compromising on service. As society moves into a post-COVID-19 era, adapting the physical buying experience to meet the needs of an evolving customer becomes key. Blending virtual and physical experiences will likely be central to success.

Personalization has been a top driver of customer loyalty over the past decade, as customers have demanded the personal touch across all services and buying experiences. Following COVID-19, Time and Effort has become a truly key pillar of success for top performing brands – Holiday Inn jumped 13 spots to be the best performing brand of 2021 through its optimization of customer touchpoints to create fast, effortless, and safe customer experiences.

How has Holiday Inn performed so well? With a renewed focus on meeting its business customers’ needs. Holiday Inn pivoted hotel rooms to offer “Room office” locations for clients to work away from their homes. Thanks to this, and the introduction of contact-free check-in and limited physical contact during on-site services, its sites have remained operational throughout a tough year.

Also high in the list of top customer experience performers of 2021 is Costco, which pivoted to offer curbside pickup for its many customers, which minimizes exposure to other shoppers and in-store staff. A simplified buying experience with a variety of products is key for success for many companies, and customers appreciated that Costco’s offering means they can pick up all their necessities and more in one place. One customer explained that “it is an excellent store with the best quality, a good price, and a wide variety of products – everything from first-class home appliances to first-class pantry.”

Grocery retail has indeed seen a boost in rankings in Mexico this year, thanks to brands branching out to provide health and safety comms alongside their core services. One customer said “is clean, stocked, with a great bakery. I go every week. They have taken great care of their customers through this pandemic and respond quickly to any product issues.” Customer care, fast and effective service, and the willingness to go the extra mile has helped some supermarkets climb the rankings.

Across the board, the overwhelming driver of customer advocacy is Integrity. The honesty of a company is more important than ever to customers – people before profits turns customers into advocates. The three biggest market movers in Mexico – a top tier supermarket, a gas station and a well-known global Bank – have all put ethics at the heart of their operations, as well as offering a level of service that keeps customers coming back.

Adapting to life post-COVID-19 will be a challenge for even the best performing brands, and as businesses continue offering omnichannel excellence alongside revamping their physical channels to meet client needs back out in the ‘real world’, technology appears to be key in providing an effortless experience. Technology is slated to be a key performance driver in both the front and back ends of business operations in Mexico, and brands which optimize their customer touchpoints to include digital will continue to thrive.

Good customer experiences don't happen by accident but by design. Only companies that have understood their customers have been able to enable transformation actions. Our CEE 2021 study shows that the brands that listen to their customers are the ones that manage to differentiate themselves.

Manuel Hinojosa
Customer Solutions Partner
KPMG in Mexico


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