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Customer Experience Excellence report 2021

Customer Experience Excellence report 2021

Integrity and reliability continue to be strong drivers of customer loyalty in the Czech Republic. In a market where some brands struggle to cultivate trust, organizations can perform well by simply providing fair and supportive customer service. At a time of great uncertainty brought about by COVID-19, this trend was amplified as customers searched for brands that could deliver.

Time and Effort has also been an important pillar for top performing brands, as they adapted quickly to the growing demand for convenient digital services, while rewarding their customers’ loyalty. Online supermarket Rohlí climbed 29 places to be one of the biggest moving brands of the year, with the introduction of its ‘Premium’ customer service program. As well as offering shoppers’ discounts, extra services such as preferential and same-day delivery – services have been established for some time – are still impacting the customer experience in the time of COVID-19. One customer explained “My child was born and it was safer and easier for me to have heavier stuff delivered.”

Fast-growing tech and logistics firm Zásilkovna (Packeta Group) climbed to the top spot by focusing on delivering a fast and reliable service. Its time-saving ‘Between Us’ app became the third most downloaded app on Google Play in the Czech Republic with more than 1.5 million downloads, while respondents to our survey praised its huge variety of pick up points, as well as easy and effective communication.

While Air Bank dropped to second place this year, customers continued to praise their feeless checking account and bonus program , which returns an average 5% on card payments when shopping with chosen businesses. While this is not a unique offering in the market, it appears to contribute to positive brand perception in customers - one customer described them as the “Best bank in the world”.

The importance of Integrity in driving customer loyalty is clear when looking at some of the other top performing brands from this year’s survey. In third place, French natural cosmetics company, Yves Rocher, is built on strong environmental principles. Its ‘Plant for Life’ program to plant more than 100 million trees by the end of 2020 gains a loyal following . Similarly, big mover Hello Bank! has put sustainability at its heart by introducing a new EKO Loan product, which offers favorable interest for ecological living. Its move to support mobile payments – a service the bank had not previously offered – no doubt also won customer support.

As the world continues to adjust to the new lasting reality of life after COVID-19, the way people shop and access services has changed irreversibly. Those organizations that have not adjusted their supply chains to allow for an increase in e-commerce will likely struggle to stay on top. Customers are now used to having access to a mix of diverse channels that save them Time and Effort, with digital playing a stronger role than many people could have imagined. But organizations should be wary of forgetting the value of face-to-face services as customers continue to appreciate friendly and professional interactions.

The second and third pandemic waves have cemented the changes we have observed in the first half of 2020 – digital channels are on the rise, there is a huge emphasis on customer loyalty and being helpful is crucial for customer experience. While technology is pivotal, the global pandemic has given us a blunt reminder of how important and essential human nature and in-person contacts are. That is why we have decided to reiterate that all of society’s activities must have people at the center of their attention. A hundred years after the premiere of Karel Čapek’s R. U. R., which gave the world the famous Czech word robot, we have published the 121 Manifesto.

Tomáš Potměšil
Head of Customer & Strategy Advisory
KPMG in the Czech Republic


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