Sustainability has been in existence for a while now, however, the toll that it has taken to become a buzz word in the shipping industry is suprising.

The year 2020 saw some important steps being taken towards enabling sustainability in the maritime environment, primarily steered by increasingly stringent regulations. These measures called for vessel owners and operators to constantly keep a check on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As part of the regulatory framework, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) drafted new mandatory measures, requiring vessels to reduce carbon intensity through technical and operational approach and providing requirements to measure and assess the energy efficiency of all vessels and set the necessary attainment values.

To catch the attention of investors and preserve the environment, shipping industry must incorporate EGS in their business model.

This publication gives an insight on the journey so far, the current alternative suggestion regarding fuel option for ships, the regulations in place and the relevance of incorporating EGS in the shipping business model.

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