The COVID-19 outbreak has illuminated the global energy industry’s resiliency and presented unique opportunities to fast forward the energy transformation. The energy industry is facing multiple sets of challenges, from those already in progress before COVID-19, to permanent impacts from the response to the pandemic, and even more as-yet-unseen developments to come in 2021. Recovery from the pandemic does not mean a return to ‘normal’. Instead, there is an opportunity to define a new future for the industry, and three actions areas will be critical: sustainability, digital and talent.

Energy CEOs embrace sustainability

There were some concerns early in the public health crisis that disruption would slow the implementation of clean energy legislation and projects across the world. In reality, the market for renewables has been remarkably resilient, and, in some countries, even increased the focus on ESG and sustainability.

"Modernizing ESG practices is becoming a priority for every industry, from energy to technology to healthcare to retail, to support both financial performance and resilience. As a result, global organizations are looking to integrate environmental and financial risks associated with the cost of carbon into their real estate portfolio approach, using emerging technologies to validate their data and strategy."

Mike Hayes
Global Head of Climate Change & Decarbonization,
KPMG IMPACT & Global Head of Renewables
KPMG International Limited

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Digitization and Decarbonization in the new reality

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Accelerate the adoption of digital technologies

Since the COVID-19 shutdown, the world has grown far more comfortable with virtual work, school, shopping, socialization, and more. Digital capabilities are now table stakes, and energy companies need to figure out how to digitize anything, from contactless call centers through which customers can raise issues or track orders, to wholesale marketing transactions enabled by blockchain solutions for real-time settlement. Approximately half of the Energy CEOs surveyed plan to invest capital in new technology, digitalization, workforce skills, and capabilities.

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The new energy workforce

Energy CEOs now identify talent risk—recruitment and retention, as well as employee health and wellbeing—as the greatest threat to growth; prior to the pandemic, it was barely on their risk radar. The flexible and remote work that became necessary during the shutdown could be here to stay, and that has sweeping ramifications for how and where companies will operate. With potentially permanent remote work for tens of thousands of employees, the workplace could become a perk rather than a required daily destination. In fact, nearly 70 percent of energy CEOs surveyed said they expect to downsize their office space.

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