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Consumers remain cautious

Confidence to go back to entertainment and leisure venues is quite low, with only 27 percent of consumers saying they are confident to do so. Confidence is higher in mainland China (38 percent), France (35 percent) and Australia (33 percent).

However, confidence to go to restaurants or cafes is much higher (53 percent), seeing a 7 percent increase in little over a month. This is also higher among financially comfortable consumers (59 percent). As restrictions continue to be eased, we also see an increase in consumers already visiting these venues vs. June/July, especially restaurants (+11 percent), cinemas (+5 percent), pubs and bars (+4 percent) and swimming pools and spas (+4 percent).

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Home is the new hub

Home becomes the “center of operations” as all activities take place in one place: home office, home-schooling, eating and cooking at home, exercising and online socializing.
There are 3 big drivers of this shift away from the out-of-home entertainment and leisure industry, to in-home. Firstly, with 43 percent of consumers financially affected by COVID-19, spend on non-essentials has decreased.

Secondly, given safety concerns of consumers they would not go back to entertainment venues as often as they did before COVID-19. In general, 35% of consumers say they will visit entertainment venues less, slightly more negative for cinemas (40 percent) and pubs or bars (39 percent).

Finally, we are now witnessing permanent behavioral change. As research suggests, consumers need an average of 66 days1 to form new habits. With over 5 months in the western world and over 8 months in the east, most consumers have now adjusted their behaviors, routines and expectations.

What does this mean in the new reality?

Understanding the new consumer mindset, and their concerns about the tradeoff between safety and social interactions will become more critical than ever as there's a growing expectation for COVID-19 to have a longer effect than initially expected.

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Will Hawkley

Global Head of Travel & Leisure
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