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From the earliest stages of the crisis, COVID-19 illuminated a clear link between digital preparedness and business resilience. Our survey found that enterprises with the right digital-centric mindset prior to COVID-19 have been much more successful at weathering the storm, recovering quickly at scale, and building a strong foundation for the future business environment.

Now, as enterprises deal with the prolonged fallout from the crisis, there is growing recognition of the importance of emerging technology to the future business.

Nearly 60 percent of executives agree that COVID-19 has created an impetus to accelerate digital transformation initiatives.

The pandemic is also proving that emerging technology can deliver much more than a slight competitive edge—it often spells the difference between success and failure.

Business case is far more critical as enterprise face cash crunch, chart


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❝ Emerging technologies and new ways of working will play a significant role in the transformation to a more digital economy, helping companies serve their customers even better than before, keep remote workforces connected, ensure their business is resilient and prepared for disruptions, and build a strong foundation for future product and service innovation. ❞