KPMG Global Legal Services – COVID-19: International Report on Short-Time Work Requirements and Processes

The COVID-19 crisis severely impacts companies of all sizes and industries. While costs continue to accrue, revenues decline dramatically. And while a few groups of employees might have more to do, most employees have less and less work or even no reasonable tasks left to perform anymore. Moreover, forced working from remote locations, global travel restrictions and new governmental support measures trigger challenging employment, tax and social security questions add a lot of complexity to a proper workforce management. So it is currently quite a stretch for employers and their Legal and HR Functions to find the right balance between guaranteeing business continuity, managing personnel costs best possible and, at the same time, staying compliant and protecting their employees.

In these challenging times we aim to be the strong partner you expect and deserve, one who provides commercially inspiring ideas and solutions and keeps your global legal challenges at bay. As a sign of our proactive support please find the below PDF, an international report on the requirements and processes applicable to the introduction of short-time work in nearly 30 jurisdictions (status 30 March 2020). Short-time work is one of the most common measures employers currently take to manage staff cost during the crisis.

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