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Monaco: Tax developments in response to COVID-19

General Information

This page offers an overview of tax developments being reported globally by KPMG member firms in response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The content will be updated regularly. However, due to the fast-moving pace of change, it may not always reflect the most current developments in a given jurisdiction. Please refer to the date of accuracy and refer to the relevant links, under additional information, for original source information.

Date accurate as of: 28 April 2020

  • Companies can defer their VAT payment for three months, on condition that they comply with their reporting obligations. For these companies, only the VAT payment can be deferred. They must continue to declare their transactions by the usual deadlines (monthly declarations for February, March and April 2020 to be submitted in March, April and May; first quarterly declaration for 2020 to be submitted in April).
  • This measure is primarily designed to support small and medium-sized businesses affected by the health crisis. Where the net VAT to be paid is less than €100,000 for the month of February, March or April 2020, businesses impacted by this situation can take advantage of this measure without the need to provide any further proof.
  • The measure also applies to larger businesses that may be facing financial difficulties as a result of the health crisis.
  • However, businesses that owe net VAT for February March or April 2020, of more than €100,000 will need to provide the Department of Tax Services with proof of the financial difficulties they are experiencing, together with their monthly or quarterly declaration.

In cases where financial difficulties are not proven, the Department of Tax Services will contact the company concerned and may, where appropriate, refuse permission to postpone the VAT payment.