Since the inception of the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) banks who are struggling to respond to ECB supervision have wondered how they compare to their peers in meeting the requirements of their supervisors.

The KPMG Peer Bank tool is a benchmarking solution for banks and investors. It uses modern technology to analyse data – publicly available from the European Banking Authority (EBA), as well as the users own data.

KPMG Peer Bank delivers comparative peer-to-peer insights for banks. It is designed to enable banks to answer the important question of “How does my bank compare to others?”. This can be done regionally, nationally, and by peer groups – pre-defined or customised.

KPMG Peer Bank has been built using over 5 million data points from the EBA transparency exercises, which provide detailed bank-by-bank data on banks’ assets and liabilities, capital positions, risk exposure amounts, leverage exposures and sovereign exposures on over 120 banks across 25 countries from the European Union and European Economic Area.

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Benefits of KPMG Peer Bank

Customise your peer groups for tailored benchmarking
You can import your own data into the tool and run personalised analysis
Run on Power BI technology providing flexibility in running data analysis, graphics and instant software support when needed
Access to both aggregate and granular data points, allowing you to dig deeper into the data
Define your own peer groups, all comparative statistics will be calculated in real life
You have your own access details with two-factor verification which safeguards your data



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