The energy industry is critical to helping citizens all around the world stay safe and productive during these challenging times. While efforts to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 are top of mind, the focus on climate change continues as we’ve seen how decreased travel can have a profound impact on reducing emissions.

In the four years since the signing of the Paris Agreement, the energy landscape continues to shift and climate change is accelerating. Even as business and world leaders answer some questions and challenges, more arise.

At KPMG’s annual Global Energy Transformation Conference, distinguished guests and speakers discussed ideas around the energy transition that intersect with the responses to COVID-19 now altering the energy industry and the global economy. Decarbonization, business model disruption, and renewable energy demand were among many topics that remain top of mind with energy leaders.

We invite you to access the written summaries of the informative panels and to watch the presentations and panel discussions from the conference.

Watch energy luminaries and specialists discuss the energy transition

—   Jean Jouzel on the Energy Transition

—   How business are responding to the Energy Transformation?

—   Renewable investments, where next?

—   Pierre-Etienne Franc on Hydrogen Energy

—   Philippe Dewost on Technology and the Digital Transformation

Read the summary of the Energy Transformation (PDF 1.6 MB).

Additional conference summaries