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Customer experience management is an emerging discipline in busy Singapore, where many companies are focused on providing experiences that leverage the Time and Effort pillars. Visa, for example, is notable for having developed a ‘tap to pay’ service for commuters on buses and trains, allowing for faster and more seamless payment transactions.

But beyond convenience, Visa, like many companies in Singapore, is now aware of the need to follow The Six Pillars framework as a whole. This helps to engage with Singaporean consumers, who are increasingly expecting companies to find new ways to become truly multichannel, by connecting digital capabilities with a physical experience, in ways that are surprising and delightful.

In light of this, Visa has launched an innovation center in Singapore to develop new technologies, refine older ones as well as tie up with relevant apps and digital brands.

Yet, the Integrity pillar has proven to be the most important for advocacy in the finance sector in Singapore. This is clearly a consideration that Visa has taken into account to become the third highest ranking brand in the country. It is evident from the research that Visa’s customers appreciate the robust security of its payment services.

When it comes to loyalty, the pillar of Personalization is the strongest driver, with consumers increasingly demanding personalized experiences. Companies that operate in the international travel sector are particularly strong in this respect, so it is not surprising to see that the country is home to Singapore Airlines.

Despite being born in one of the smallest countries in the world, the company is recognized internationally for being a leader in offering personalized, customer-centric, and innovative experiences. For its Senior Vice President Yeoh Phee Teik, the brand’s success is built on strong, underlying principles: “We continually train our people to have the right mind-set, values and skills to deliver exceptional service,” he says. “We leverage on customer insights to better understand our customers’ needs and deliver what they need, want and expect at every stage of their journey.”

"CX-leading companies in Singapore now work towards having a more intimate conversation with customers, getting to know them first-hand. Our leading brands have also invested significantly in understanding what their customers want, and provide new products and services to meet these ever-evolving expectations. However, there is a balance to be kept in leveraging the technology to meet CX expectations and managing the cost required to do so."

Bradley Styles
Partner, Customer Lead,
KPMG in Singapore

This explains why Singapore Airlines is the country’s highest-ranking brand, in Singapore and in three of the four markets in which it features in the 2019 Customer Experience Excellence research.

Singapore is also home to Changi Airport, which has been named the world’s best airport in the 2019 World Airport Awards. This is the country’s second highest-ranking brand in the survey. “No one comes even close! … Free movie theatres, thematic gardens, foot massage, free internet, sometimes I wish I can get in even if I’m not flying …” said one respondent to the research.

Changi Airport positions itself as more of a ‘destination’ than just a functional airport, and takes a holistic approach to CX, paying close attention to the happiness and comfort of its travelers. Whilst Changi Airport is a serial award winning airport, it does not rest on its laurels, opening “Jewel” earlier in 2019, which hosts the world’s largest indoor waterfall, together with a rain vortex, a canopy park and a forest of 1,400 trees.

Despite this, the brand does not neglect its core responsibilities. Changi Airport is also notable for the pillar of Time and Effort, and has worked hard to deliver a smooth CX. Indeed, the building has been designed to allow people to pass through in the most efficient way possible.

The presence of such experience leaders has led to a case of ‘expectation transfer’ for other brands, with consumers desiring a comparable level of service regardless of the organization.

To succeed, the strongest organizations are now working hard to grow their CX, ‘know’ their consumers on a more intimate level, and create intimate experiences both online and offline. Only when an organization fully knows how to meet and anticipate the various needs of its consumers can it become successful. In 2019, brands such as Visa, Changi Airport and Singapore Airlines are doing this most successfully in Singapore. Tomorrow, it could be your country.

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