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The demand for a high level of CX is certainly increasing in Mexico in 2019. But Mexican consumers seem to be able to overlook a negative interaction and still appear quite forgiving when experiences go wrong.

Despite this, The Six Pillars have a clear impact on loyalty and advocacy. Indeed, the pillar of Personalization is the greatest driver of both of these commercial outcomes in Mexico. The message, though, is clear: Mexican customers are commanding more individualized attention from brands, which in turn need to demonstrate their trustworthiness, with Integrity being just as important as Personalization for driving advocacy.

Mexico’s strongest performing sector in 2019 is Travel, with six hotel organizations ranking in the country’s top 10. One of these is Fiesta Americana, which ranks first following a move of two places since 2018. It focuses on offering a premium hotel experience, and one that’s easy, reliable and trustworthy.

“The service is what gives Fiesta Americana a plus,” said one respondent. “They always attend to your needs and the most important part is that they make you feel at home.”
Many of Fiesta Americana’s hotels are geared towards luxury. The brand is keen to create experiences which are memorable, and a step beyond the functional bedroom experience. This is symptomatic of a CX vision which is more person-oriented; the hotel experience appears to be tailored around the individual, putting her or his needs and desires at the center.

Moreover, Fiesta Americana appreciates the importance of having a more connected digital experience. The Fiesta Americana app, for example, enables visitors to get directions to and from their particular hotel, as well as obtain local weather information, and make reservations for dinner. The result of such a service is a CX that’s more seamless, and enables the individual to engage at a time that is most convenient to them.35

"Everybody talks about how important it is to build customer-centric organizations, but only a few are successful in turning customer experiences into real brand differentiators. Unless traditional companies adopt an outside-in approach, where insights reflect what customers require of products and services, new disruptors will take the lead. CX has to become part of the organization strategy and culture, so it can be successfully experienced externally."

Manuel Hinojosa
Customer Advisory Partner,
KPMG in Mexico

In second place is the payment platform PayPal, which is a high performer across a number of markets featured in this year’s Global Customer Experience Excellence report. PayPal scores highly across all of The Six Pillars, but it’s particularly notable for the pillar of Personalization, achieving the highest score of all brands measured in Mexico. PayPal’s services enable users to choose how, when and where they make payments in innovative, secure and convenient ways. Moreover, this can be done in over 25 currencies, and it typically takes less than 20 seconds for a person to receive the money.36 The payment platform is continually innovating, investing in new technology and building new partnerships that extend the reach of its services, to offer even more personalized experiences for the customer.

The third highest-ranking organization in Mexico is the international hotel chain Hilton. It’s a brand that has mastered the multichannel experience, offering connectivity across a range of platforms. An example of this can be seen with its Hilton Honors app, which allows guests to use their smartphones as room keys and order specific items for their rooms ahead of their arrival.37

Hilton also stands out for its transparency, which bolsters its score in the pillar of Integrity. An example of this can be seen with its Roomkey38 service – a hotel search engine which is Hilton’s reaction against a booking industry that “isn’t always honest.” Hilton states that it believes booking travel should be honest and transparent, and therefore offers a hotel search service “without the gimmicks” that other travel sites employ, such as “misleading information, false urgency, and lost reservations.” Customers can use Roomkey on the Hilton website or download an extension for their browser.39

With organizations such as Hilton and Fiesta Americana redefining what CX excellence looks like in Mexico, it’s only a matter of time before other organizations start to recognize the commercial potential of The Six Pillars. Indeed, customer expectations are slowly shifting, and many companies may soon find themselves in a position where they need to compete more tenaciously in order to survive.

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