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Luxembourg is something of a melting pot. Being inhabited by more than 170 nationalities, with more than 190,000 German, French and Belgian cross-border employees, the country sees the simultaneous use of three or four languages on a daily basis. And with such diversity comes a range of sensibilities and cultural expectations, meaning that only the brands that find ways to truly ‘connect’ with individual consumers are able to stay ahead of the curve.

In addition to the cultural expectations, organizations in Luxembourg have a number of international competitors to contend with. Many of the country’s younger inhabitants – having left the country to study abroad – have returned with high expectations as to what a good CX looks like in other markets, especially when it comes to digital experiences. And whilst this is something that many Luxembourg organizations are sensitive to, with an evident willingness to ignite change, some brands appear to lack the resources or impetus to make such change a reality – and are thus left behind.

In general, Luxembourg organizations performed better than last year, leading to an overall improvement in the Customer Experience Excellence score. In terms of driving customer loyalty and advocacy, the pillar of Personalization has the biggest weighting on customer loyalty, whilst Integrity has the greatest weighting on advocacy. This can partly be explained by the fact that the majority of brands in the top 10 belong to the public or financial services sectors, where integrity and trust play significant roles in determining positive customer outcomes.

The public sector organization Bierger-Center is an example of this, ranking third following its introduction to the research this year. It’s a citizen service center, allowing residents of Luxembourg to complete administrative formalities such as passport applications and marriage certificates. Undoubtedly, trust is an important factor with such an organization, and Bierger- Center scores highly in the pillar of Integrity. One of the organization’s greatest strengths is in the pillar of Personalization. Bierger-Center recognizes the need to cater for a myriad of unique scenarios, such is the diversity of its services, and indeed, its local residents. Because of this, it has been successful in fashioning a multichannel CX that allows people to engage with the organization in the manner of their choosing.

"Last year’s best customer experiences have become this year’s expectations. One cannot rest on its laurels, every brand constantly needs to push their Sisyphus’ rock up the hill. We see that, in a multicultural landscape, where customer experience standards are set by the best in the world, brands that are not improving are falling behind."

Jean-Pascal Nepper
Partner, Head of Customer & Operations,
KPMG in Luxembourg

As one respondent said: “Over the last few years, waiting times have improved dramatically. The many services that can now also be requested online simplify my life and help me save time.”

The digital offering is also a strength of Luxembourg’s second highestranking brand – the financial services organization Spuerkeess. It’s a bank that’s notable for its use of technological innovation to improve the CX, offering services such as its S-Net banking app which allows people to instantly reach out to Spuerkeess to access and manage their accounts.30

Moreover, Spuerkeess has continued developing its web and mobile banking feature known as MIA (My Intelligent Assistant), which – as the name suggests – acts as the customer’s PA. MIA helps customers with their financial planning; it can anticipate future expenses and estimate available budgets, whilst also helping people to meet their financial goals.31

That is not to say that the human element of Spuerkeess is lost. The bank is also notable for its capabilities in the pillar of Empathy, where it achieves the highest score in the Luxembourg research. Its employees stand out for being able to understand customers’ various situations and respond accordingly. Indeed, one respondent referred to Spuerkeess as a “very trustworthy bank with friendly and professional employees.”

The highest-ranking organization for 2019 is the book retailer Ernster, which ranks first for the second year running. Despite its long history – having been established in 1889 – the company has not been complacent in delivering a relevant CX for the present-day consumer. Ernster scores highly in the pillar of Time and Effort, with respondents to the research praising the speed of the brand’s delivery times. Indeed, the brand claims that most of its German titles can be delivered in under 24 hours.32

As a result of its strong CX performance, Ernster is the brand that Luxembourg’s respondents would most likely recommend to their friends or colleagues.33

“Customer is king,” says Ernster. “Our booksellers happily aide you to find the perfect book for every occasion. Almost all of our booksellers are multilingual and able to advise you in your language.”34

Ernster’s diversity of services mirrors the diversity of the country. Finding a way to meet (and compete with) such a broad spectrum of expectations is what sets the stronger brands apart from the CX laggards. The country’s highest-ranking organizations achieve this by being adaptable in the services they offer and, indeed, in the languages they speak. Ernster is an example of a brand that fulfils all these criteria.

*33 Based on Net Promoter Score in Luxembourg 2019 CEE research
*34 Ibid.

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