A commitment to “enhancing the lives of people we touch” is what sets Singapore Airlines apart. It is the driving force behind innovation and experience delivery. It is rooted in the qualities of Eastern service and is reflected in every interaction, digital or physical.

Passengers notice the care and attention they receive, the help and assistance that is offered proactively when they have difficulties, and the overall desire to please.

In the airline industry the service ethic is tested most strongly when there is disruption. According to a recent Sabre and Forbes Insights briefing paper, 80 percent of airline executives think that flight optimization and disruption management are the main factors that will enhance operational performance and eventually improve CX.

Unlike many major carriers, SIA approach this by focusing on stress-reducing communication: ensuring that passengers are kept informed and reassured about missed connections or unforeseen overnight stays, thinking ahead and answering questions before passengers have even thought of them. Everything possible is done to put the customer back in control and reduce stress and concern.

Staff are trained to de-escalate situations with emotional passengers and to show that the airline cares about the passengers’ plight and is doing everything possible to put things right.

Behind the scenes, Singapore Airlines utilizes advanced systems for communication and agile crew management. Its software ecosystems work constantly to update data flow and have everything needed for aircrews: in-team chats, schedule tracking, task lists, issue lists and reports. Effective and quick crew communication is a vital part of disruption resolution.

So, even in adversity, when things are difficult and passengers are emotional and fraught, its employees are bound by its purpose to “enhance the lives of the people we touch.”

"Singapore Airlines has a responsibility not only to be an excellent company, but also to be an excellent citizen of the world by enhancing the lives of the people we touch. With that aim in mind, we have made many commitments to the arts and education, to our communities, and the health and welfare of our country’s citizens, and those in countries we fly to. With this goal in mind, we’ve also made a strong commitment to preserving the environment – and our world for future generations."

Vision of Singapore Airlines,
Harvard Business Review