Industry view

All around the globe, our survey respondents had the same message — they’re crying out for companies in every industry to understand them as people: complex, evolving and unique. The better “connected” a company is to its customers’ lives and the various ecosystems they inhabit, the better it can understand customers’ needs. And, in concert with insight into their motivations and aspirations companies can begin to develop a roadmap to build experiences that are meaningful and gain greater share of their customers’ time and money. In the following pages we explore some of the customer experience trends and themes across various industries in our research, considering the most noteworthy signals of change, how they could play out, and how companies can anticipate and get ahead of disruption. We have shared the brands leading the rankings in their respective countries, territories and jurisdictions as exemplars of CX.

"Change and disruption is occurring today across all industries. The impact of global trends like advancing technology, geopolitics, climate change and changing demographics, to name a few, are forcing the C-suite to rethink their focus and how they conduct business. At the center of, and a key driver, of this change is the customer. Those businesses who do a better job at connecting their whole organization with their customers, and their changing needs, will be rewarded and leave the competition behind."

Gary Reader
Global Head of Clients and Markets,
KPMG International