Brazil has a 'digitization and personalization' paradox. On the one hand, customers are clamouring for faster, more efficient digital experiences that will negate the need to leave their homes. But on the other, they want to feel looked-after and special; they appreciate it when brands communicate in a clear, straightforward manner — face to face.

Because of this, the pillar of Personalization is the leader for loyalty and advocacy. In Brazil, as in many countries, brands are now charged with creating customer experiences that are digitally finetuned, and retains the individualized care and attention.

The only way to gauge this is to invest in customer insight. Across the world, the strongest brands are collecting large swathes of data to help them understand their customers' needs, desires and emotions. This enables organizations to 'walk in their customers' shoes' and see which parts of the customer journey create the most pleasure, and which parts create the most pain. It's imperative that every part of the organization is united behind this vision, and pulling in the same direction — not broken up into disparate, uncommunicative silos.

In Brazil, one brand that clearly understands its customers is the hardware retailer C&C (Casa & Construçao) which has seen a significant climb in the rankings. It has progressed the most in the pillar of Personalization, with one respondent saying, "For me, they prepared a very specific and difficult color paint just in time and I still had a good discount for buying two cans of this paint."

C&C stands out for its omnichannel offering. It recognizes that the customer of 2020 wants to interact on a variety of platforms, depending on their circumstances at any given time. To this end, it even offers the WhatsApp messaging platform as a means of buying products, alongside the usual touchpoints such as its website and the C&C stores themselves.

Grocery retail brand Zaffari, ranks at number three and scores highly in the Integrity pillar. It acknowledges COVID-19 in its latest advertising campaign, which is based on the theme of "life happens when you meet." Zaffari describes these videos as "stories with families who discovered new skills and talents when it comes to cooking, organizing their routine and facing all the challenges of the current situation [the pandemic.]"1

Financial services organization Nubank ranks at number two.

This brand's highest pillars are Resolution and Empathy, as one customer explains: "My card was cloned and Nubank gave me full assistance from the beginning, explaining what would be done to solve the problem… Everything was done in a very clear and simple way, facilitating my understanding."

Nubank also runs an internal Customer Service WoW programme, with each employee being given a specific budget to "delight" its customers through personal touches such as handwritten letters and gifts.

Brazil's leading brand is Sodie Doces from the restaurants sector, although its main focus is on cakes and luxury desserts. And in 2020, Sodie Doces leads in the Personalization pillar, giving customers the freedom to customize their cakes to their liking, choosing from over 90 different flavors.

As one respondent said: "There was a store next to my work. The quality and variety of cakes attracted me, and it became almost a routine to go there at least once a week and buy a piece of cake, different from the ones I'd already tried. The cakes have no industrialized ingredients, so they maintain the homemade taste and are very delicious."

Moreover, Sodie Doces is able to serve customers at speed, giving people the option of having their cake via take-out, if they prefer. The brand also has an app which allows customers to order their cakes ahead of time and collect them from their nearest stores, with some outlets also offering a delivery service.

The restaurants and fast food sector leads for customer experience in Brazil overall. COVID-19 may have influenced this result as this sector includes online food delivery services, which have experienced a major uplift during this period.

Personalization remains the leading pillar for loyalty and advocacy. Individualized care and attention is an important part of Brazilian culture, and there are no signs that this pillar will wane in significance anytime soon. With 2021 fast approaching, brands will need to pay close attention to the teachings of this pillar if they're to grow in the CX rankings.

“COVID-19 demonstrates that companies that have historically put customers at the foundation of their strategies have outperformed those businesses that have not. Also, companies that are adapting faster to this new reality will have better results in the short, medium and long term. Being able to predict customer behavior and respond to a whole new set of customer needs — more omnichannel than ever — will be the key to building long-lasting, positive relationships." ”

Augusto Puliti
Head of Customer Experience Practice
KPMG in Brazil

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