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How will the fourth industrial revolution impact the aviation sector? Currently aircraft maintenance accounts for roughly 20% of a plane's operating cost. Industry leaders and new hopefuls are placing big bets on the intelligent automation of maintenance fueled by millions of terabytes of data generated by NextGen aircraft.

From purpose built 'snakes' that wind through engine recesses to cameras mounted on 'beetles' feeding imagery back to technicians, robotics has a large role to play in the future of aviation maintenance. These new methods of repair, coupled with improved diagnostics of NextGen aircraft, have the potential to drastically reduce the lifetime operational cost of maintenance.

In Aviation 2030, we examine what these trends could mean for key players in the aviation sector such as:

  • Original Equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Lessors
  • Operators
  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul organizations (MROs)
  • Airports

To learn more, download the full report.

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